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Mr Fix shared a post
2017-07-30 18:31:23

Yes, from cracked screen to water damage cleaning! We Fix it All.

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2017-07-13 16:28:13

Going on vacation🏖 and making selfie in the water🤳🌊? In summer time there are a lot of damages with your devices😥, but we immediately take care of water damaged phones and tablets!👨‍🔧👌
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2017-07-12 14:32:25

Stop by to get your iPad screen fixed just for $79.99!
Promo valid till 07/15/17
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2016-10-10 19:39:50

Help us to serve you better!
Please take a few minutes to make some comments or feedback below so we can continually improve our services and serve you better! ⬇️⬇️
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2016-08-18 17:55:26

You can seat at our comfortable waiting area while we are fixing your device.

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2016-08-15 22:54:47

iPhone 7
Coming in 2016

Since the 3GS launched in 2009, Apple has used an alternating "S" naming formula to mark years where the iPhone does not receive a major redesign, saving its numbered upgrades for years where design changes are introduced.
There have been some rumors suggesting Apple could alter its standard numbered naming convention, instead calling at least one model of the 2016 iPhone the "iPhone Pro," but it is unclear at this point if those rumors are accurate.
Some rumors suggest Apple is aiming to make the iPhone 7 up to 1mm thinner, perhaps through the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and the implementation of a thinner Lightning port, but other rumors suggest the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will have a body that is the same thickness as the iPhone 6s

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2016-07-31 20:03:58

"Mr FIX" can repair any broken device! You can visit us in Charlottesville, Downtown and Stony Point in Richmond. We will definitely help you! #rva #richmond #virginia #repair #mrfix

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2016-05-15 18:27:53

Hi! Can you bring the phone in our store and we will repair it under warranty.

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2016-05-03 01:12:21

Mr Fix has opened 2nd location in Downtown!
Come see our new store at 306 E Broad St!

Bunch of special promos and lowest prices in ‪#‎richmond‬ as always!

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Mr Fix shared a post
2016-04-29 01:06:41

Wow! New pink stickers just for $10!

Make your iPhone customized!

Fits iPhone 5/5s/5c/5se

#rva #mrfix #mrfixrva #custom #iphone

Mr Fix shared a post
2016-04-20 16:03:00

To fix or not to fix... That is the question.

Well, of course fix, since we have this week FREE tempered glass installation!

Just simply mention that you heard about this on Facebook and get your free tempered glass for any iPhone for FREE!
#mrfix #mrfixrva #rva #temperedglass

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2016-04-17 01:05:41

Just received new uniform! 
Now even more professional! 👌🕶📱✅ #mrfix#mrfixrva #rva #uniform #vcu #vso #vcocam #iphone#broken #screen #polo #poloshirt

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2016-04-12 17:22:21

Want to have unique device?
We have unreleased iPhone 6 mini in Gold!
Call us to get more info: 804-497-9793
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2016-04-09 23:31:22

We buy phones and tablets! Cash right away!
Call now 804-497-9793
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2016-04-04 14:29:42

Mr FIX provides console repair as well!
Nintendo DS with broken charging port was just brought back to life! 
‪#‎mrfix‬ ‪#‎mrfixrva‬ ‪#‎nintendo‬

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2016-03-24 00:17:24

We are glad to announce that we opened Mobile Cell Phone repair “We come to you”!
Don’t have time for driving? Not a problem any more!
Set up an appointment and our technician will come to you.
How it works:
Step 1: Fill out the form
Step 2: Receive a call and set up an appointment
Step 3: Meet our technician at chosen location - we come to you
Step 4: Get your phone fixed
Find out more:
‪#‎mrfix‬ ‪#‎mrfixrva‬ ‪#‎wecometoyou‬

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2016-03-18 22:36:52

HTC HD7 16GB T-mobile for sale. Phone has screen protector on the screen and minor damage on the body. 16GB of memory, great camera, OS Windows.
Comes with original box, charging cable, adaptor, case and installed screen protector.
Come and get it just for $70!
‪#‎mrfix‬ ‪#‎mrfixrva‬ ‪#‎htc‬ ‪#‎sale‬

Mr Fix shared a post
2016-02-13 18:06:31

Got cracked iPad?
No problems! We can fix it just in one hour!
Special price: 89$

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2016-02-03 15:51:27

Hey Richmond!
We have 2 great iPhones for SALE!
It's iPhone 5c Unlocked for $170
And iPhone 5c T-mobile for $160
Call us now: 804-497-9793

Mr Fix shared a post
2016-01-30 16:40:18

Can't remember passcode from your locked device? Is it disabled?
Your phone is locked for one carrier but you want to use it worldwide?
Don't worry! We can solve your problems and save some money!

Call us today: 804-497-9793