Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow? Here’s The Fix.

If you use an iPhone, you may have noticed that sometimes the battery icon is yellow instead of white or red. Don’t worry; a yellow battery sign is not something to be worried about.

Here is all you require to know about your iPhone’s Low Power Mode:

A yellow iPhone battery icon means your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, designed to preserve as much battery life as possible.

This doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your battery. It’s merely an indicator that indicates you’re using Apple’s battery-saving mode.

To disable Low Power Mode, navigate to Preferences > Battery and turn Low Power Mode off. The mode will also be automatically disabled when the iPhone’s battery reaches 80% capacity.

Low Power Mode reduces your iPhone’s power usage by limiting some features like reducing the Auto-Lock delay to 30 seconds, lowering display brightness, reducing the refresh rate on Pro-Motion models, and disabling 5G on some models.

Some visual effects are also reduced, and background processes like email fetch, background app refresh, iCloud Photos and automatic downloads of app and iOS updates are paused.

In summary, Low Power Mode is a useful feature that can help conserve your iPhone’s battery life when needed. With the tips above, you can easily customize this feature to suit your needs.