Where to Fix My Iphone X

iPhone x Repair

      Iphone X is the first Apple smartphone to feature a 5.8-inch OLED display, revolutionary Face ID, wireless charging, improved splash protection and dual vertical cameras.

      The flagship model, released for the tenth anniversary of Apple smartphones, is fundamentally different from its predecessors, not only in appearance, improvements have also affected the “filling” of the device.

      IPhone X Specifications:

      • 3 gigabytes of RAM

      • A11 Bionic processor

      • Motion processor Apple M11, including a barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass

      • Front camera: 7 Mp, rear camera: 12 Mp

      • TrueDepth camera with face recognition function

      • Dimensions: 144 × 71 × 7.7 mm

      • Weight: 174 grams

      Despite the revolutionary technologies, the high quality materials of the iPhone still inherited the problems of the previous generation models, which in most cases are associated with inaccurate handling.

      IPhone X Glass Replacement

      It is the first Apple model to feature an OLED display. The fundamental difference from IPS displays is the lack of display backlighting, reduced thickness and rich black color.

      New technology also means a new approach when replacing the glass on the iPhone. At the moment, Mr Fix specialists have developed their own glass plywood technique, which allows them to perform the safe and high-quality repair of iPhones.

      Sensor Replacement

      The sensor is a thin film that sits under the glass and is easily damaged by strong side impacts or water ingress. This breakdown is not always accompanied by broken glass and can manifest itself even with a visually intact device.

      Display Replacement

      It may be required if the phone stops displaying an image when green stripes or black spots appear. Installing a new part in  Mr Fix is performed using original spare parts or high-quality analogs. A must-have is the transfer of the True Tone function, the preservation of Face ID, and the restoration of the sealed sizing.

      Back Glass Replacement

      The iPhone X is made of glass that’s glued to a steel frame to form a single piece. Heavy falls will leave no chance for the glass, and cracks and chips may appear on it. The service of replacing the glass of the back cover allows you to return the smartphone to its original appearance and maintain its tightness.  Repairs are carried out by competent technicians using quality consumables and spare parts.

      Why Mr Fix?

      The main task of our team is to provide a quality level of service.

      Main principles of work:

      • competence;

      • transparency;

      • openness.      Main specialization: Apple repair and sale of quality accessories, which makes it possible to provide the best time, quality and competitive prices.