What Is the Voltage Of An iPhone Battery?

You should consider iPhone voltage requirements when charging the gadget. If you learn the requirements, it will help you decide what third-party or alternative iPhone chargers to choose. You can face some problems when traveling abroad in countries with different voltages. Fortunately, Apple created the iPhone with versatility.

      iPhone battery voltage

      The iPhone has a lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 1400 mAh and 3.7 volts. The iPhone 4 provides up to 15 hours of talk time on 2G networks and up to 11 hours of Internet use via a Wi-Fi connection. Due to the many features and applications of the iPhone, these numbers may vary slightly.

      Charging voltage

      The iPhone uses a USB adapter for charging. USB provides about 5 volts, although there are slight differences with usage. Any other charging method should also provide about 5 volts.

      International voltage

     For using devices in other countries, you should get a different shape of the plug. Do not forget to check whether you are using the correct voltage. The voltage in American circuits is different from that provided in other countries, especially in European countries. Apple gadgets, including the iPhone, are created to be easily used abroad. The power adapters meet international voltage requirements. As a rule, all you need is a differently-shaped plug. If you want your iPhone to be charged properly, find the words “100-240 VAC” on your charger. iPhone breakdowns, due to which our customers turn to us, are very diverse, from a broken case or display of the gadget to severe cases when it is required to work with motherboards. You can replace the iPhone X battery in our Mr. Fix office. Our well-versed specialists will do it quickly and with a warranty of quality. In our work, we use exclusively branded materials and spare parts. Our priorities are high-quality service according to the manufacturer’s standard and an individual approach to each client. We are not just a team of technology lovers, we are true professionals who have studied Apple devices from all sides.