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Warranty and Repair Policy

Thank you for choosing Mr Fix for your electronic device repair needs. Below, you’ll find our warranty information and repair policy:

Restocking Fee: Mr Fix reserves the right to charge a restocking fee on all returns or refunds.

Warranty Coverage: Our warranty does not cover damage or misuse caused by the customer, including but not limited to cracked glass/LCDs, broken home buttons, damaged cameras, water damage, etc.

Screen Protectors: While tempered glass screen protectors provide protection against scratches and dust, they do not guarantee full protection in case of device drops.

Refurbished Devices: All refurbished devices come with a 14-day defects warranty. Physical and mechanical damages are not covered. If defects persist beyond this period and cannot be resolved by Mr Fix, a full refund will be provided. However, devices will not be eligible for defect repairs if the issue cannot be identified by our technicians. In such cases, a 20% restocking fee may apply.

Authorization: By signing below, customers authorize Mr Fix technicians to perform repair work on their electronic devices. Please note that Mr Fix is not an authorized service dealer. By leaving devices with us, customers release Mr Fix from liability for any claims or damages arising from the repair work.

Data Loss: Mr Fix is not responsible for any data loss that may occur during the repair process. It is customers’ responsibility to back up their devices before allowing any repair work to be done.

Privacy: While Mr Fix technicians will not intentionally browse through customers’ personal or confidential data, they may inadvertently come across it during the repair process. Customers are advised to remove any confidential data from their devices before bringing them in for repairs.

Manufacturer Warranties: Please note that repairs performed by Mr Fix may void manufacturer warranties, especially for iOS devices. While we do not assume liability for voided warranties, we may offer our own warranty on parts or services at our discretion.