iPhone 6 battery replacement



iPhone 6 battery replacement

Price includes parts and labor

If your battery is dying too fast, this is the sign for Phone battery replacement.
Bad iPhone 6 battery might become a big problem, and you may lose important data on your device as well.
Do not play for time and bring your phone to our technicians as fast as possible.
We replace iPhone 6 battery in Richmond, VA while you wait. Usually it takes about 15-20 minutes.

The iPhone 6 Li-Po batteries degrade over time, because the technology hasn’t improved enough to provide long-lasting batteries. The battery degradation leads to several problems.

First, an iPhone 6 will work for a shorter period of time after full recharge. The battery is getting depleted more rapidly because its capacity is reduced. You’ll have to recharge the smartphone more frequently, which will again negatively affect the battery lifetime.

Second, your iPhone 6 may unexpectedly shut down because the battery has deteriorated so much it can’t even hold the charge. This second issue is especially annoying when you have a call or read an important email you need to answer.

The third issue is created by the software. As Apple recently acknowledged, the operating system slows down the processor to ensure that the iPhone 6 won’t die at the wrong time. This issue manifests itself when the battery capacity lowered enough. Unfortunately, slowing down the CPU isn’t a great thing either because you won’t get the most performance from your device when necessary. Worse performance in exchange for longer working time is a bad tradeoff.

Qualitative & fast iPhone 6 battery replacement

If you’re experiencing any of the three issues that we’ve described above, it’s time to replace the battery on your iPhone 6. Mr Fix is the service you may be looking for, as we can rapidly repair your iPhone 6 so you could enjoy the device again. Here are the main benefits you get with us:

  • Mr Fix technicians are experts in replacing iPhone 6 batteries. They won’t accidentally damage your device during battery replacement.
  • Our technicians will indicate the potential issues with your device if they find any.
  • Replacement of your iPhone’s battery is cheap with Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer repair.
  • You will save time and money with Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer repair because you won’t repair the device by yourself.

Your iPhone 6 is still a great device, even considering its release date, September, 2014. Replace the battery on your device with us and enjoy using it for more time.

Mr FIX Cell Phone & Computer Repair values your business and strives to provide you with excellent service, quality parts and skilled repair technicians. We are a locally owned and operated full-service electronic repair shop offering reliable service when you need it. Every day!

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