Quick Fixes for Slow iPads/Tablets 

Is your iPad or tablet moving at a snail’s pace? Try these simple DIY solutions before hitting the panic button.

1. Restart Your Device:
It might sound cliché, but restarting your iPad or tablet can work wonders. It closes background apps and refreshes the system, often resolving performance issues.

2. Clear Browser Cache:
If you primarily use your tablet for browsing, accumulated cache, and cookies slow down your browser. Clearing the cache can improve browsing speed. Find this option in your browser settings.

3. Update Apps and Software:
Ensure that your apps and systems are updated. Developers regularly release updates that can include performance improvements and bug fixes.

4. Manage Storage:
Running low on storage space can impact your tablet’s speed. Delete unused apps, videos, and photos to free up space. Consider transferring media files to cloud storage or an external device.

5. Disable Background App Refresh:
Background app refresh can consume resources. Disable this feature for apps that don’t require constant updates in the background.