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Problem: iPhone speakers

problem iPhone speakers

Although progress is well on the way, not every portable device can boast a really clear sound of music playback. In this regard, Apple devices please music lovers – these phones are capable of transmitting sound clearly and loudly. But sometimes something goes wrong, and users notice some problems with speakers.

iPhone makes a wheezing sound

iPhone owners can face a problem when the speaker works, and it starts to make wheezing sounds. There are several different causes of a malfunction, and sometimes it is difficult for the user to determine, why the speaker began to function improperly.

Why the speaker wheezes on iPhone?

1. In most cases, the wheezing sound of the speaker is a consequence of mechanical damage to the internal mechanism of the device.

2. If moisture gets inside the device, the speaker will work improperly because of a circuit board contact closure.

3. The speaker grid is clogged with dirt or dust.

4. If the equalizer settings are incorrectly set, problems may also arise when playing certain sounds.

IPhone speaker repair

Self-repair is possible only if there is no mechanical damage. You need to set standard equalizer settings, and then re-check the speaker. Cleaning the speaker from pollution is quite problematic and for this you need to disassemble the device.

If you are unable to solve the problem yourself, you should contact the specialists of Misterfix service center who know how to fix iPhone speaker. Our employees have extensive experience in this field. To find out the cause of the breakdown, we perform diagnosis of the device. If necessary, we will replace a polyphonic speaker.

We guarantee the performance of repair work at a professional level and in a predetermined time!

Speaker does not work

It is difficult to describe the frustration of Apple users when, instead of playing their favorite music, the phone makes no sound. If you are in such a situation, do not be in a hurry to get upset and assume that the speaker of iPhone does not work. After all, probably, you will be able to solve the problem on your own in just a minute. Let’s try to understand why the speaker stopped working on your iPhone and how to deal with it.

If you have recently inserted headphones into your phone, insert and remove them again. Probably, the phone believes that the plug is still in the connector, and therefore there is no sound from iPhone polyphonic speaker. Also, just in case, it is worth checking the sound settings and the position of the mode selector – you could inadvertently turn off the sound.

If these simple steps do not help, and iPhone speaker does not work, restart the phone and update the firmware. It makes sense to recall whether you have recently installed pirated software – they can affect the dynamics. And only after you make sure that it is not a system failure, you can suspect that iPhone speaker has broken. However, hardware faults should also have their reasons.

Why the speaker does not work on iPhone?

  • too frequent listening to music at maximum volume;
  • clogging of the speaker;
  • dropping the phone;
  • moisture ingress.

In the latter case, you need to turn off the device and contact a service centre. Otherwise, you will have to repair iPhone speakers and other parts of the gadget.

IPhone speaker repair

We recommend you to contact our service center for a device diagnostics. Misterfix experts will identify the reason why the speaker does not work, and select the best cost-effective solution. Depending on the type of damage, our specialist will offer the following:

  • to clean iPhone speakers;
  • to resolder the sound card;
  • to replace iPhone speakers.

iPhone speaker is quiet

Some electronics malfunction cannot be called critical, but the fact of such damage is annoying. This category includes a situation in which the external speaker of iPhone works very quietly, even if the sound in the settings is set to maximum.

In case of any incomprehensible problems with the phone, it is necessary first of all to restart it and update the operating system. But sometimes the external speaker of iPhone does not work well because of its clogging with dirt, sand or crumbs. Try to clean the speaker yourself and check if the volume has changed. If nothing changes, and iPhone speaker is still quiet, recall the events that preceded the problem.

Why the speaker is quiet on iPhone?

  • clogging of the speaker;
  • dropping the phone;
  • moisture ingress.
  • worn membrane.

If the first three cases occur due to inattention and carelessness, the latter is caused by frequent listening to music at maximum volume. But regardless of the type of breakage, partial repair of iPhone speaker is impossible – it must be completely replaced.

iPhone speaker repair

We do not recommend replace iPhone speaker on your own. This procedure involves a complete disassembly of the device, which will require a specialized tool, knowledge and extreme accuracy. During the work, it is necessary to remove the device body extremely carefully, disconnect the loops, remove the battery and then replace iPhone speaker. After that, you need to assemble the device in the reverse order.

We advise you not to risk the performance of your phone and first of all carry out diagnostics in the service center. Misterfix specialists perform diagnostics absolutely free. After checking, our specialist will tell you why your iPhone speaker is quiet and will offer repair options – from cleaning to replace the speaker. IPhone requires the use of only original components, and we faithfully follow this rule.

Headphones do not work

One of the typical breakdowns for Apple phones is the absence or interruption of sound supply, which becomes noticeable when adjusting the volume level. Such failures, as a rule, are not related to the settings of the phone or its modes of operation. If you use headphones from well-known manufacturers, you can eliminate problems of defective or low-quality components. But how to understand why headphones do not work on your iPhone?

Almost always, sound problems are caused by contamination of the headset connector. In this case, you can try to eliminate this problem on your own:

1. First of all, take the phone out of the phone cover and check that nothing prevents access to the connector.

2. Disconnect the charger and headset, if it is currently connected.

3. For cleanning the hole, you can use compressed air. Here you will need a small diameter tube through which you can blow out all the dirt and dust.

4. Continue cleaning with a toothpick or cotton swab. So you can remove all the remaining dirt.

5. After the procedures, you need to check the performance of the connector. Connect your headphones, which you should check in advance on another device. If you do not immediately hear the sound, you can try to connect again.

iPhone headphones repair

If you failed to solve the problem on your own or you are not sure that your actions will lead to the desired result, then you should contact our service center. Misterfix specialists will fix iPhone headphones and connector problems.

Our team can help you to fix not just iPhone speakers problems, but also iPhone charger and iPhone screen problems.  Contact us and make your life easier!