Problem: iPhone screen

iPhone Xs screen crack

Apple provides reliable products of the highest quality in the world, but sometimes their owners can face a number of problems. Let’s have a look at iPhone screen problems.

Iphone screen does not turn black during calls

iPhone owners can sometimes encounter the cases when their screen does not turn off while talking. At first glance, a sensor breakdown may seem insignificant, but it entails heating the phone and additional battery charge. And there is a risk that during the conversation, you accidentally activate one of the commands by your ear.

If you do not identify the cause of the defect in time and do not understand why the screen does not turn off, then more serious problems may arise soon.

To understand the cause of the breakdown and find out why the display does not turn black, you need a comprehensive diagnosis of your iPhone. After that, it will be clear why the screen does not turn off when talking. As a rule, the cause of a malfunction of the touch screen is the failure of the proximity sensor after ingress of moisture or mechanical damage to the body.

To solve the problem of turning off the screen, Mr Fix specialists perform the following actions:

  • replace sensor;
  • replace loop (most often it is necessary after ingress of moisture);
  • replace lock button (performed if IPhone screen does not turn off after pressing it);
  • replace screen (in extreme cases).

If IPhone screen does not turn off, it is optimal to order repair work from proven Mr Fix experts. To ensure that the screen of the phone functions properly in the future and turns off when necessary, use only original spare parts.

Part of iPhone screen does not work

Damage, due to which part of iPhone screen does not work, occurs quite often, despite the fact that Apple smartphones are of high quality. Mechanical damage, ingress of moisture under the display, wear of the screen parts can lead to failure of the upper or lower part of the touch screen, its right or left side. Sometimes if part of iPhone screen does not work, you can fix the problem by yourself.

To understand whether it is possible to restore the serviceability of iPhone display, first of all you need to understand the reason of its failure. If the device has not received serious mechanical damage and the small screen area does not work, you may not need to replace the display. To understand why part of the display does not work, follow these steps:

  • reboot the device by pressing the “Power” and “Home” keys simultaneously;
  • replace the protective film on the screen – it may be the reason why the bottom of the display or its other part does not work;
  • remove the phone cover from the device – it can disable half of the screen;
  • try to change the charger and other components of your smartphone – perhaps they do not work correctly

If these tips did not help you – you will not be able to do without the help of Mr Fix specialists. Also, do not try to repair the touch screen by yourself if you drop or damage the device in other way, and cracks from the impact appeared, etc.

Part or entire sensor does not work.

Sometimes after touching iPhone screen it does not react. The reason of it may be the ingress of moisture, dust inside or mechanical damage. The main indicator of the touch screen failure is a partial reaction of the touch screen to pressing or random typing. In some cases iPhone screen does not respond to touching, because the smartphone freezed up. By following a series of procedures, you can determine why the display began to work poorly.

If iPhone screen has ceased to respond, it is not always necessary to replace the display. In some cases, you can determine the cause of the problem yourself and fix it. First, eliminate the possibility of damage to the body or the screen surface.

If the internal elements are out of order, only a qualified Mr Fix specialist can repair your iPhone.

If iPhone screen freezes up, follow these steps:

  • using the power button, reset the device (hold the button for a few seconds);
  • remove unlicensed software from iPhone;
  • reflash the device.

If after performing such actions, your iPhone screen freezes up, and it does not react to pressing the buttons, it is necessary to reboot the device. To do this, hold down simultaneously “Home” and “Power” buttons for 20 seconds. Then the smartphone will erase the RAM and restart the phone.

If after this part of the screen or the entire display still responds poorly to touching, the sensor needs to be replaced.

Specialists cannot replace iPhone screen separately from sensor or touch screen. If the display responds poorly to touching due to damage, then you need to install a new module. Qualified Mr Fix specialists can identify exact cause of the problems using computer and mechanical diagnostics. They will accurately determine why the smartphone freezes up, the device does not restart, or part of the screen does not work.

If sensor responds poorly to touching or stops working altogether, and the programs do not respond to button presses, then contact Mr Fix. Our specialists can install new screen modules on iPhones of all generations in a quality and professional manner.

No backlight

Often there is a situation when the backlight of iPhone screen does not work. Without backlighting and when a black screen appears, it is impossible to use the phone. You need a quick and acceptable way to fix the problem with iPhone display backlight.

When there is no backlight at all, you need to perform actions that will solve the problem. If the touch screen is out of order and there is no backlight, you can contact Mr Fix specialists.

If your phone gets wet, then iPhone backlight will disappear. Therefore, after your phone gets wet, it may malfunction. If you do not eliminate oxidation processes in time, then after some time the backlight will disappear or your iPhone may completely get out of order. If moisture enters the display of your iPhone, you must disassemble and dry it. If there is no image due to damage to the screen, replace the part.

Mr Fix professionals can quickly and efficiently check and repair your iPhone if the display backlight has disappeared. Having identified the cause of the malfunction, as a result of a thorough diagnosis, experts will eliminate any complex damage. Diagnostics of the display allows them to identify the cause of the fault and find a suitable way to repair. The restoration of the display backlight is performed by Mr Fix specialists using professional equipment.

You broke or scratched iPhone glass

The screen of iPhone is connected to the glass, so there is no possibility to change these parts separately. If the screen is cracked on any model of iPhone, you need to replace the entire display module. This is the only way you can eliminate the problem completely.

To replace the display of any model of iPhone, specialized tools and a new display module are required. When everything necessary is prepared, specialists replace the display:

  • disassemble the body of smartphone;
  • remove the battery;
  • remove SIM card;
  • remove the docking station, cable, cable, Wi-Fi antenna, smartphone camera and other elements;
  • remove the motherboard, and remove the screen module.

After installing a new modular display, specialists assemble the smartphone in reverse order. As you can see, it is quite difficult to replace the display module on iPhone independently. The consequences of poor-quality screen replacement can be very unpleasant.

Without proper experience and skills, you can damage the main components of your smartphone while replacing the display by yourself. This can lead to more serious damage to the device and even to a complete failure of the phone. To avoid such problems, ask for help from experienced Mr Fix professionals.

Mr Fix specialists can help you to fix not just iPhone screen problems, but also iPhone camera and iPhone buttons problems.  Contact us and make your life easier!