Moto G4 charging port replacement going great so far

Samsung S9 Plus charging port repair

One of the common failures in all phones is the failure of the charging port. Talking on the phone, watching videos, reading news and other actions when the charging cable is connected, loosen the port, and eventually it makes the phone inoperative. Also moisture entering the port, various contaminants or poor-quality charging cables can damage the device

      To diagnose a problem with the port, take the charging cable with you. We will test it for current return compared to a service cable. In some cases, the problem is in it, and then there is no need for the repair. We will just replace the cable.

Advantages of repair in Mr Fix:

  • our experienced specialists are well aware of all the design features of the phones;
  • the latest diagnostic and repair equipment allows us to identify problems of any device with high accuracy and fix them in a matter of hours;
  • affordable cost of services allows customers to contact us without impacting your wallet.

      We value the time of each client, therefore we work quickly and efficiently. Our service centre cares about the reputation – we give warranty for the work performed and replaced spare parts.

Mr FIX Cell Phone & Computer Repair values your business and strives to provide you with excellent service, quality parts and skilled repair technicians. We are a locally owned and operated full service electronic repair shop offering reliable service when you need it. Every day!

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