MacBook Air LCD repair successfully completed

MacBook Air LCD screen repair

MacBook Air LCD repair is usually required due to inaccurate handling of the laptop. The most common causes of monitor failure are the following:

  • The user broke the LCD screen of the MacBook Air by closing the lid, while a solid object (pen or pencil, etc.) lay on the keyboard
  • MacBook Air fell on the floor
  • MacBook Pro was flooded with water or other liquid

      It is not recommended to independently replace the faulty LCD since for this you need to disassemble the laptop using a professional tool. Careless handling of your MacBook can lead to more serious damage.

      To repair the device, one will need special equipment, a large room, a certain work experience. Process steps must be strictly followed. Repairing a MacBook Air can be compared with the delicacy of a cosmetologist and the accuracy of a surgeon. Before repairing, the device must be completely disconnected from the network. It is almost impossible to get to broken parts without using special tools and without certain skills. Our specialists work in special rooms where there is no dust. They take out the damaged item and put suitable parts instead. Mr. Fix specialists have rich experience in the field of laptop repair. And we provide a warranty for the work performed.

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