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iPhone 6s charging port repair

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iPhone 6s charging port repair is required if it is damaged due to mechanical impact. For example, the phone fell or foreign objects got into the connector. Moisture can also harm the charging port, which could penetrate inside the body. In addition, we ourselves are sometimes the reason that the connector could fail. Inaccurately removing the cable, or connecting a poor-quality Chinese charging device to the gadget can significantly harm it. Sometimes the iPhone completely stops charging, and in some cases, charging takes place only if you install the cable in a certain position and do not touch the phone until the end of this process. Of course, this is not convenient at all, so the best solution would be to repair the charging port of the iPhone 6s.

      To make sure that the iPhone 6s charging port is damaged, you need to connect another cable to it, or another iPhone to your cable. Your cord or adapter may be out of service. Then the logical solution to the problem is to replace it. But if the phone never started charging, the reason is in the port itself.

      You can replace the iPhone 6s charging port in Mr Fix service center. Bring your phone to us and we will repair it promptly and efficiently.

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