How to transfer text messages from an Android phone to an iPhone instantly?

transfer sms from android to iphone

This article explains how to quickly and easily transfer text messages from Android to iPhone. This post will demonstrate three methods for transferring SMS from Android to iPhone.

Method 1: MobileTrans – Phone Transfer can transfer Android text messages to iPhone.

  • Install MobileTrans on your PC and open it to transfer data. Select “Phone Transfer” from its home to continue.
  • Now you may connect Android and iOS devices utilizing USB/lightning cords. The program detects both phones and marks them as source or destination. iPhone should be the destination device for transferring text messages from Android to iPhone. You can flip them with this button.
  • Select the data you want to transfer (messages) and click “Start.” Select “clean data before copy” to wipe your iPhone’s data.
  • Finally! Now you may relax as the program transfers Android text messages to iPhone. You’ll be notified when both gadgets can be safely removed.

Method 2: Message Transfer via Move to iOS

To enable customers to move data from Android to iPhone, Apple created the Move to iOS app. Using the Move to iOS app is free if your phone runs Android 4.3 or later. Messages, Camera Roll, contacts, bookmarks, and Google account data can be transferred. Both devices should be closed for a secure connection. Here’s how to use Move to iOS to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone.

  • First, download Move to iOS from Google Play. Start and set up your iPhone. During setup, opt to import Android data.
  • Enable WiFi and Bluetooth on your Android and launch Move to iOS. Once the devices are sufficiently close, touch “Continue.”
  • Your iOS device will display a code you must enter on your Android to connect securely.
  • After connecting both devices, you can choose what to relocate. Enable “Messages” and wait for the material to be wirelessly transferred to your iPhone.

Method 3: Use Send Anywhere to send messages wirelessly

Send Anywhere can send text messages from an Android phone to an iPhone. The software is free on Play/App Store for Android and iOS. You may quickly link both devices with the app’s cross-platform data transfer. WiFi direct transfers text messages, images, videos, and contacts from Android to iPhone.

  • Install Send Anywhere from the Play Store or App Store. After installation, start it and give it storage access.
  • After launching the software, mark both smartphones as Sender (Android) or Receiver (iPhone). To link them wirelessly, turn on their WiFi.
  • The program asks what to transfer from Android to iPhone. Here, pick messages to transfer. Photos, films, and other media can also be moved.
  • An Android device will display a one-time code you must enter on your iPhone to connect. Tap “Upload” to move Android data to iPhone.