How to Take Care of an iPhone 6s Smartphone

iPhone 6 Repair

We at Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair often repair iPhone 6s that had some physical damage. To help you avoid cracking your iPhone 6s, we recommend that you follow the suggestions below.

Use a protective case

If you’ll use a protective case for your iPhone 6s, the smartphone will survive a drop on a hard surface such as pavement, concrete, or asphalt. It’s true that iPhone 6s has an aluminum alloy body, and it may seem that the smartphone is already protected. However, aluminum is a ductile metal and it can only protect from drops on ground or not very hard surface.

Use a protective case with your iPhone 6s, so that the energy from drops will be absorbed by the case, not the smartphone.

Protect the screen

Just like a buttered toast always lands the wrong side down when dropped, smartphones do the same. You can easily get a cracked screen on your iPhone 6s if you occasionally drop it. To make sure that the screen of your iPhone 6s stays intact, you may cover it with a screen protector, which are quite cheap but efficient in absorbing energy.

Clean up your iPhone 6

Dirt is everywhere. It’s likely that dirt or dust may penetrate your iPhone 6s because its body has no enhanced resistance to liquids or dust. You may use a needle to carefully clean up the apertures in your iPhone’s body.

Fix your iPhone 6s with a professional repair service

What if your iPhone 6s still gets some physical damage? What if it was impaired by water or dust that got inside the smartphone? In that case, you should contact a service that can repair your device. Here at Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair the technicians are experts at repairing broken iPhones, and they can take care of your device.

iPhone 6s isn’t a cheap smartphone, so it’s best to keep it in good shape as long as possible. Just follow our recommendations, and your device will make you happy for a long time.