How to set up Apple TV? What does the device look like?


Playing video and music through Apple TV is possible only in streaming mode. The latest models of devices cannot be used to store information, because none of them has storage. However, users have the opportunity to receive any file of their collection media for temporary use. In this case, you will pay only for viewing.

The device has its own Wi-Fi adapter, which receives the signal from the home router and it can connect a TV to the network, so you do not need to buy  wires to synchronize devices. You need to download the program on PC and gadgets. And then your collection will be available directly from the TV screen. You can manage all the information from the control panel or use the smartphone instead. Moreover, the control panel can work as a mouse to control the PC.

In terms of performance, the possibilities are very good. Even too heavy video with high quality and multi-channel sound opens quickly.

To show information using this device, your TV needs to have an HDMI output. Also you require:

  • Ethernet cable;
  • HDMI cable;
  • a good internet service provider.

That is it. It remains only to connect the console and view information of any format, chatting online, surfing the Internet on the screen of your TV. If this is your first encounter with a similar device, then read the step-by-step instructions for connecting the Apple TV console to your TV.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting Apple TV

The first step in unpacking any device is to check the availability of a full set of wires and other necessary accessories for connecting to the device. In addition to the Apple TV console, the box should also contain: instructions, a remote control without batteries, a network cable, and the device itself. Cables are purchased separately, be sure to purchase them in advance. We need one HDMI and one Ethernet cables.

Then, using an HDMI cable, connect Apple TV to the TV. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the Apple TV console to Internet Access Point. Do not forget to switch the TV to HDMI mode.

After turning on the Apple TV console, select a language and set up an Internet connection. In addition to the Ethernet cable, you can also use a Wi-Fi to connect the Apple TV console to an access point. Using Wi-Fi, do not forget to create a password.

Next in the menu, create an account to log into the iTunes service. The process is similar to connecting an iPod, iPhone, iPad or MacBook to this service. Browsing Internet sites becomes possible after selecting the “Internet” menu item.

To play files from mobile and other devices, open access to it and select “Media” from the menu. As you can see, the interface is simple and intuitive to anyone who is familiar with the basics of computer literacy. The only thing that is not recommended is to press the Apple TV software update button, since only the basic version of the firmware without regional components is available on the network.

Why is Apple TV better than its analogs?

If you compare Apple TV with gadgets and game consoles, then all these devices provide a narrower range of functionality. A convenient touchpad provides access to Apple proprietary services that maximize the range of options.

Many people wonder whether Apple TV is really much more efficient than Smart TV. In terms of functionality, the Apple TV console loses a bit to “smart” TVs. However, if you evaluate the price / quality ratio, here Apple TV is the undisputed winner. It is cheaper to buy a console and connect it to the TV, rather than update and buy new equipment.

Many providers offer their customers their own consoles that provide access to exclusive content, as well as expand the functionality of the TV. Subscription for 1 month will be much more expensive than the price for a certain movie or series. Consider this feature as it is a great opportunity to save. For inaction fees will not be charged.

An additional advantage will be the availability of other equipment from Apple: iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Convenient synchronization via Wi-Fi will make file sharing between all devices even easier. Additional wires and cables will not be required. Moreover, it is worth noting that games are available on Apple TV. You can use a tablet or smartphone as a joystick.