How to Replace iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery?

Battery replacement from an official store or a random shop may cost you a little fortune. So how about doing it yourself. Here’s the step-by-step guide by Mr. Fix on how to take the battery out of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Step 1: Remove Pentalobe Screws

Power off your iPhone and make sure the battery is above 25%. Look at the bottom of the phone and unscrew pentalobe P2 screws using a pentalobe screwdriver. 

Step 2: Heat iPhone’s Lower Edge

Get your iOpener ready and place it on your iPhone’s lower edge to soften the adhesive hold. Do it for a minute but do not overheat the phone. A heat gun or a hair dryer can also be used if you don’t have an iOpener. 

Step 3: Lift the Front Panel

Apply a suction cup to the front panel, pull it gently to make a small gap, and hold it firmly. Next, take a plastic pick, insert it in the opening, and slide it around all the corners to break the glue. 

Once done, pull the suction cup a bit more to lift the panel. However, do not separate it from your iPhone completely. Instead, lean it against an object.

Step 4: Disconnect Hardware

Start unscrewing the panel connector cover and battery, and disconnect them from the logic board. Likewise, unscrew and disconnect the display cable connector and front sensor connector, and remove the display assembly. 

In the same way, remove the built-in speaker and taptic engine cover by unscrewing them.

Step 5: Remove the Battery 

Lastly, peel down battery strips one by one to take the battery out of iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Step 6: Replace New Battery

Insert the new battery and make sure to make it sit flawlessly. Re-connect all the hardware which you disconnected and removed in the opposite order. 

Apply glue on the corners to attach the front panel. And finally, put pentalobe screws back in their places, and tighten them. 

Note: Charge your iPhone 12 Pro Max to 100% before turning it on after the battery replacement. 

Bottom Line

Now you know how to take the battery out of iPhone 12 Pro Max, so go ahead and do it. Contrarily, let Mr. Fix experts help you with the entire process at a reasonable price. Still couldn’t replace your iPhone 12 Pro Max battery on your own? Bring your device to Mr. Fix for high-quality iPhone 12 Pro Max battery replacement and other repair services.