How to Repair iPhone Charging Port

iPhone SE

      Connection problems that prevent the phone from charging or syncing with the computer can be caused by the expired cable and damaged charging port. If you have to use force when charging a gadget, this indicates a problem that will be easily solved by technicians. Mr. Fix repairs the following iPhone models:

• iPhone 6

• iPhone 7

• iPhone 8

• iPhone X

• iPhone 11

      How to Repair iPhone 6 Charging Port

      In all iPhones, the charging connector performs two functions at once: to connect the charger and connect the smartphone to the computer. If the charging connector breaks down in the iPhone 6, it needs to be urgently repaired because the gadget’s further operation becomes impossible.

      A broken power connector in an iPhone is one of the few problems that cannot be triggered by a system failure. Often, the root of the problem lies in charging port wear, with phone users having to charge it almost every day. Frequent manipulations with the smartphone’s charging port lead to its loosening, which causes various problems in the iPhone 6.

      The causes of the breakage of the iPhone 6 charging connector can be mechanical deformation and damage, water, dust, and a malfunction of the loop. Depending on the nature of the breakdown, the battery may not charge at all, or it may charge very slowly.

      There are many signs of a breakdown of the lower cable or the iPhone 6 charging connector, but there can be only a few ways to fix the problem. This requires hardware repair. It is possible to determine what type of restoration is needed only after diagnostics.

      A breakdown of the power connector can lead to other malfunctions, but experienced technicians can quickly fix them by choosing the best solution. Thanks to our extensive experience, the availability of special tools, and the use of original components, we provide an official warranty for replacing the iPhone 6 charging port.

      How to Repair iPhone 7 Charging Port

      The iPhone 7 charging port is located on the device’s side, directly below the Home key.

      Despite a significant reduction in battery consumption rate, many owners of devices recharge them every day, which significantly increases the risk of a malfunction of the dock connector.

      The iPhone 7 charging port is also used to sync with a personal computer using iTunes or third-party software.

      Replace the charging port if it is damaged. Mr. Fix competent technicians perform the replacement of the charging port and loops, power controllers, motherboard connectors, or battery. Sometimes replacing the damaged cable is enough to solve the problem.

      If you experience difficulties in synchronizing with a PC, you should pay attention to the computer device’s software settings and the USB connector.

      How to Repair iPhone 8 Charging Port

      The charging port is an essential element of modern mobile devices. The prank of children or the careless movement of the owner leads to the damage of contacts, which causes the inability to charge the phone. If the charging port fails, you will need to replace it. This operation requires special tools and professional skills. Otherwise, there is a risk of hopelessly damaging your device.

      Mr. Fix offers services for replacing the charging port for iPhone 8. Extensive experience, modern equipment, and high-quality parts allow us to solve the most challenging problems and help in almost hopeless situations. Thanks to our efforts, you will be able to fully charge your smartphone without worrying about what will happen after the battery is discharged.

      Mr. Fix will professionally perform the work of replacing the charging connector on the iPhone 8. If the malfunction is not directly related to the charging port, we will definitely eliminate this problem.

      How to Repair iPhone X Charging Port

      Replacing the iPhone X charging port is a complicated procedure that requires a complete disassembly of the device. To eliminate the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible, contact a service shop. With extensive practical experience, Mr. Fix technicians will diagnose your iPhone X and replace the failed component with a new one.

      How to Repair iPhone 11 Charging Port

      It is relatively easy to identify a broken iPhone 11 charging port. You need to move the cable a little in the place where it connects to the gadget. If the indicator appears on display and disappears, then the charging port is out of order. Using your iPhone 11 with a defective connector can strain the battery and cause it to swell. Timely contacting a service shop will help to avoid serious consequences.

      Mandatory preliminary diagnostics, carried out by the Mr. Fix technicians, help identify the nature of the malfunction and determine the algorithm of actions. Since this procedure requires complete disassembly to get to the port, a huge number of tools are required for its successful implementation, for example, such as a set of screwdrivers, a hot air gun, a suction cup, spatulas, etc., as well as full experience and knowledge of iPhone repair (or disassembly, assembly). If you are not engaged in iPhone repair and do not have relevant experience, it is better to entrust such an expensive device to a professional. Experts warn: an independent attempt to replace the iPhone 11 charging port can lead to severe damage that requires costly repairs. Contact Mr. Fix, and we will help you save money and time!

      iPhone Charging Port Repair Procedure

      If, after diagnostics, a defect in the system connection is determined, then you have to replace the iPhone charging connector. But there are often cases when the problem lies in the malfunction of other parts of the charging circuit. A loop, a chip that controls charging, parts that protect the board from voltage surges, a connector on the motherboard, or the battery itself can also cause iPhone charging malfunctions. Replacing the ribbon cable solves most of these defects. 

      Software glitches can disrupt your computer use. This is a common problem, so it is worth checking its performance and settings.

      To determine the exact cost of repair, you should contact the appropriate organization to diagnose your device. Often, along with the malfunction that has manifested itself, several more defects can appear that can affect the phone’s correct functioning in the future.

      Mr. Fix technicians can help you to fix not just iPhone charging port but also the iPhone screen.