How to Repair iPhone Camera

iPhone SE

If after the iPhone falls, the following symptoms appear:

• The flash does not work

• Broken autofocus

• When the camera starts, only a black screen is displayed

• There are obvious image defects

      You should contact Mr. Fix. Our technicians will fix any damage to the camera module.

      How to Repair iPhone 6 Camera?

      Typically, iPhone 6 camera problems are caused by careless handling of the smartphone:

• Blows (falling)

• Flooding (moisture ingress)

• Excessive heat exposure (overheating)

      Replacing the front or rear camera in iPhone 6 is a rather complicated process for an amateur, so we do not recommend doing it yourself.

      For example, here’s how we replace the rear camera on an iPhone 6 in our service shop:

• Removing the display

• Removing the battery protection

• Snapping off the battery

• Unscrewing the protection of the display module

• Snapping off the display module

• Unscrewing the camera protection

• Snapping off the camera

• Changing the camera

• Reassembling the iPhone

      The front camera is located on the same cable along with the proximity sensors, light sensors, and a contact cable under the earpiece, so replacing it requires great care and experience.

      How to Repair iPhone 7 Camera?

      Like Apple’s more expensive flagships, the iPhone 7 comes with a 12MP f / 1.8 wide-angle camera for good quality shots in both good light and low-light conditions.

      If the photosensor stops working or the shooting quality has dropped significantly, you will need to replace the iPhone 7 camera. The price of this service directly depends on the quality of spare parts. The display module must be removed to replace the camera, which requires specialized tools and preheating to avoid damage.

      The iPhone 7 photo module is delivered without a lens since the protective glass is part of the case. Replacing the iPhone 7 camera lens is required when quality drops or recording artifacts are caused by dirt or chips on the protective glass.

         How to Repair iPhone 8 Camera?

      The iPhone 8 camera, despite the absence of a second sensor, is in no way inferior to the main 12-megapixel photo module of the older model, which has a positive effect on the quality of simple pictures.

      If the camera does not work on the iPhone 8 or the pictures come out blurry, the roots of the defect lie either in the malfunction of the sensor, which requires a complete replacement of the photo module or in damage to the protective glass – in this case, replacing the iPhone 8 camera glass will solve the problem.

      iPhone 8 uses waterproof glue in the assembly, which complicates disassembling and assembling a smartphone. The work is simplified by the availability of service tools that help solve the problem in half an hour and maintain factory quality.

      If the iPhone 8 camera does not behave like this after a fall, there are apparent defects or even shows a black screen; we recommend contacting Mr. Fix.

         How to Repair iPhone X Camera?

      The iPhone X camera is a twin 12MP sensor with f / 2.4 wide-angle and telephoto lenses for improved low-light performance.

      iPhone X camera glass replacement is required because of mechanical defects that negatively affect the quality of shooting. 

      Replacing the iPhone X camera requires disassembling the device, which is complicated by using custom screws and glue. The use of professional service tools makes this work fast and safe for the iPhone.

      How to Repair iPhone 11 Camera?

      The iPhone 11 has a camera with two lenses: wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle. The camera resolution is 12 megapixels, which is quite enough for creating high-quality photos and video shooting. If this part has stopped working for some reason, Mr. Fix offers an urgent, low-cost iPhone 11 camera replacement.

      Causes of iPhone Camera Malfunction

• Mechanical damage to the integrity of the element resulting from falls on a hard surface or strong impacts.

• Failures in the program area.

• Liquid spilled into the device.

• Manufacturing defects, low-quality materials.

      Signs of an Urgent Need to Replace the Main iPhone Camera

      A broken camera brings a lot of inconvenience to the owner. But how can you tell if it really is out of order? The main symptom of a breakdown is system messages like “the phone is in standby mode,” “could not connect to the camera,” “error.” Another common symptom is the presence of unnatural colors in photos and videos or spots. If you find any of these malfunctions, contact Mr. Fix for professional help.

      What to Do If the Main IPhone Camera Breaks Down?

      It is not recommended to carry out repairs by yourself, without special equipment and knowledge of all the work’s intricacies. After all, performing non-professional repairs, you run the risk of aggravating the device’s condition, which complicates its further recovery. It is better to entrust the replacement to a specialized Mr. Fix.

      Why Mr. Fix?

      If you need an urgent repair of your iPhone camera, contact our service shop technicians for help. We will carry out diagnostics of your device and determine what type of repair work you need to make. We have professional equipment that enables us to carry out high-quality repair work. Mr. Fix offers:

  • Free diagnostics.
  • Reasonable prices and open pricing policy.
  • Experienced technicians.
  • Provision of 100% guarantees for the services and components provided.
  • High quality of work performed.

      Mr. Fix can help you to fix not just the iPhone camera but also the iPhone charging port.