How To Protect Your Laptop Against Viruses

Keep Everything Updated: Apple regularly updates to fix problems and make your laptop more secure. Ensure your device’s system, apps, and security software are always up to date.

Only Use Trusted Apps: Stick to getting apps from the official App Store. Apple checks apps before allowing them in the store, which helps stop bad apps. Don’t download apps from other places, as they might be unsafe.

Watch Out for Emails: Be careful with emails from people you don’t know. Some nasty emails trick you into opening bad attachments or clicking on harmful links. Avoid those things.

Lock Your laptop: Put a strong passcode. This helps keep your data safe if your device is lost or stolen.

Be Careful with Public Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi can be risky. Don’t do sensitive things like online banking when using public Wi-Fi.

Backup Your Stuff: Having a backup helps you get back your important files without too much trouble.

Learn About Cybersecurity: Stay informed about online safety. Knowing about risks can help you avoid scams and bad stuff.