How to Prevent iPhone Screen Damage 

If you have a tendency to mishandle or be careless with your phone, you are probably aware that screens can crack easily when not handled properly. The same is true for iPhones. Despite their high-quality materials, they are susceptible to breakage if not given proper care. To protect your iPhone and prevent screen cracking, you need to take extra precautions.

Utilize Screen Protectors: Numerous options are available, including plastic and tempered glass protectors, catering to various budgets. Plastic protectors offer basic protection against dust, scratches, and debris, while tempered glass protectors provide superior protection against cracks, dirt, and scratches, significantly extending your iPhone’s lifespan.

Use Back Covers: Another way to prevent serious and irreparable damage to your iPhone screen is by investing in a high-quality back cover. Bumper cases, in particular, offer protection during rough landings. They cover the edges of your iPhone, absorbing shocks when accidentally dropped. Bumper cases come in various designs and colors, allowing you to showcase your style preferences at parties or in professional settings.

Clean Your Screen: Always clean your iPhone’s screen using a microfiber cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals or rough fabrics that could cause damage. Gently wiping the screen will help maintain its integrity.

Avoid Excessive Sunlight: Protect your iPhone by covering it or shielding it from direct sunlight for extended periods. Overheating can lead to screen damage.