How To Fix My iPhone SE Wifi

iphone won't connect to wifi

Apple users value their iPhones not only for their reliability but also for the ability to easily access the Internet via Wi-Fi. The primary source of network problems is often not the phone, but the quality of the connection itself, but in some cases, the owners are really faced with a device malfunction.

How do Wi-Fi problems look like?

It’s worth considering a trip to a service center if:

  • The device does not see existing networks
  • The phone does not catch the signal
  • IPhone spontaneously connects and disconnects from networks
  • WiFi icon is gray all the time
  • WiFi does not turn on or off
  • A low connection or data transfer rate 

Each of these signs can be the norm if it is not systematic.

Why doesn’t Wi-Fi work on the iPhone?

Malfunctions can occur for the following reasons:

  • Antenna failure
  • Breakdown of coaxial cable
  • Damage to the chip
  • Violation of the temperature regime
  • Software failure

Most communication problems occur after a mechanical impact: a fall or impact of the device.

If in winter Wi-Fi periodically appears and disappears, then the reason is the high temperature fluctuations between the street and the room. Try to avoid using your iPhone in extreme cold.

What to do if Wi-Fi is not connected?

If you are sure of the signal quality, and the Wi-Fi does not work on your phone, then follow these steps:

1. Turn off all third-party programs.

2. Restart the phone.

3. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on in the settings.

4. Reset your mobile network settings.

5. Update the firmware of the Wi-Fi router to the latest version.

6. Check if the Internet works on other devices.

If the manipulations did not solve the problem, then you need to contact the specialists of Mr. Fix service center. They will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the device and identify the true reason why Wifi does not turn on.

In case of hardware damage to the Wi-Fi module, it will be necessary to repair or replace the inoperative part.

Do not attempt to diagnose and repair it by yourself. The slightest carelessness can cause irreparable harm to the important and expensive components of the iPhone SE (motherboard, cable, and others), which will have to be completely replaced in the event of a breakdown.

Trust your iPhone only to professionals. Bring it to our service center so that wireless problems could become a thing of the past!