How to fix iPhone X battery without replacing it

replace iphone x battery

Li-ion and Li-Polymer batteries are far from ideal – everyone knows that. Sometimes they can completely fail and stop charging. It is very simple to take and replace the faulty battery with a new one but the situation is complicated in the case of phones in which the battery is securely hidden inside the case.

      Before rushing to disassemble an iPhone or contact a service center, many users believe that there is a chance to revive this particular dying battery.

      Is it really possible to revive the iPhone’s battery?

      A battery failure does not always mean the end of its life. Even a new battery that you have recently purchased, may suddenly stop working. Most often, buyers face such a problem on Chinese trading floors where unverified, improperly stored or remanufactured batteries are supplied in bulk.

      Here’s what you need to know about self-repairing an iPhone battery

      1. The battery is defended. If there is insufficient power for a long time (voltage less than 1.5 V per cell for a week or longer), protection against short circuit due to the formation of copper structures between the plates of the anode and cathode is activated (in different batteries this occurs between 2.2 and 2.9 V per cell).

      2. Connect the correct adapter. Most of the original chargers for smartphones and tablets have the function of “waking up” lithium-ion batteries with activated protection – just connect the manufacturer’s original manufacturer’s charger and wait until it restores the base voltage.

      3. Special equipment. You can contact a specialist who has professional equipment (such as Cadex chargers and analyzers) if you are sure that the battery cannot be worn out.

      4. Do not pierce or damage your battery. We do not recommend using tips from the Internet on piercing the shell of bloated batteries – this most often leads to the ignition of the battery.      5. Still, it is better to replace the iPhone X battery. If suddenly your “apple friend” is out of order for any reason, it is best to contact Mr. Fix in Richmond, since you should not try to repair such expensive equipment yourself, you need to trust only professionals. Mr Fix is equipped with all modern tools and devices without which you just cannot do when fixing iPhones.