How to Fix an iPhone from Water Damage

iPhone 4

If your iPhone had an unlucky bath in a sink, river, or sea, the smartphone may stop working because of the water damage. And even if your iPhone survives after a bath, no one can guarantee that the smartphone will work as before. To increase the chances for your iPhone, just follow recommendations that we discuss below. Sometimes, you may not even need to bring your smartphone to a repair service if you just try the following methods to save your iPhone.

How can you repair an iPhone from water damage? Here are the steps to follow:

  • Take your iPhone out from water immediately.

This advice is very obvious: you should remove the device from water as soon as possible, because the longer it stays drowned, the less chance you can save it.

  • Remove the protective case.

If you’re using a protective case, it will hold the water and won’t let the device to dry up faster.

  • Wipe your iPhone with a dry cloth.

Use an absorbent cloth to remove the moisture.

You should turn off the device as soon as possible because water will cause even more damage to a working iPhone.

  • Pull out the SIM tray.

To let your iPhone dry faster, you also need to remove the SIM card tray. You can use a needle or a paperclip to pop out the SIM card from an iPhone.

  • Place the iPhone into a warm and dry place.

You may find recommendations to put your device into rice, which will drain the device. We don’t recommend doing so. In fact, it’s best to simply put your iPhone on a table. You may also want to use a blow dryer to dry up the iPhone. Make sure that you use a proper dryer mode so it doesn’t blow hot air.

If you have a Pentalobe screwdriver and a suction cup, you should try to disassemble your iPhone. Undo the two screws in the bottom of the device, and then use a suction cup to remove the front part of the iPhone. You should also remove the battery to help the device dry out more rapidly.

  • Do not turn on your iPhone in 48 hours or more.

Leave your device disassembled for at least two days, which is usually enough for an iPhone to dry out. You should avoid using your smartphone during two days at least.

When two days have passed, you can turn on the device. Back up all your data immediately. If in several days your iPhone stops working normally, you should contact a repair service that will fix the device.

Sometimes there’s still some water left in the iPhone, or some components were damaged too much and must be changed to fix the device. Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair technicians will figure out the problem with your device and replace the necessary part.