How to find hidden apps on Android – here’re 3 easy options

Android hidden apps can harm kids, like sexual assault and bullying. Knowing how to locate your children on Android is essential for keeping them safe.

On Android, you have the following three simple options for locating hidden apps:

Option 1: From the home screen, touch the “App Drawer” icon and tap “Show hidden apps” to view a list of all apps hidden from the home screen and app drawer.

Option 2: Open the Android’s settings and select “Apps” followed by “All” to view all apps, including those hidden.

Option 3: Use an Android File Manager such as “ES File Explorer” to enable “Show hidden files” and view all the hidden apps on your Android device.

If you want to hide apps on Android, tap on any empty spot on the home screen and then tap the home screen settings button in the bottom right corner. Then, tap “Hide apps” and choose the app you want to hide.

To find secret tracking apps on Android, go to “Settings,” then to “General,” “Privacy,” and “Location Services.” Then look for apps that are set to “Always.” Delete the app you think is watching what you do.

In conclusion, to protect your privacy and keep your children safe, it’s important to know how to find hidden apps on Android. These choices can help keep an eye on what kids are doing on their phones and keep them safe.