How to clear battery usage iPhone iOS 11


“Battery usage” allows us to find out how much energy is consumed by various applications and services. It is worth mentioning that a program that consumes a large amount of battery power is not necessarily “eating a lot” or not optimized. Perhaps you just use it often, or it worked in standby time.

     The applications at the top of the list, though not often used by you, can cause reasonable concerns. The iPhone X can also tell you exactly how the application used energy.

What’s next?

      Let’s say you find an application that consumes too much energy. Here are a few things you can do, especially when the application is made by a third-party developer:

  • If this application is not vital, just uninstall it.
  • Applications can work in standby mode. It may make sense to permanently turn off programs like VoIP, navigation, and online radio when you are not using them; such applications consume a large amount of charge. It is worth noting that it is better to turn off those applications that you really do not need. It is harmful to turn off everything at all, it can also negatively affect the operating time of your battery. You can disable the application by double-clicking the Home button, finding it in the list that opens and dragging its icon up.
  • If you do not want to turn off the application, you can turn off geolocation for it (Settings – Privacy – Geolocation Services) and updates (Settings – General – Content Update) to reduce energy consumption.  When installing a program, it often asks for permission to access additional features (such as geolocation), and we often give it permission without thinking. However, geolocation applications can consume a lot of energy. Therefore, it makes sense to find out which applications should allow access to track your position. If you accidentally turned off geolocation for an application that needs it, a permission request will appear again the next time it starts.

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