How to check iPhone battery cycle?

How to check iPhone battery cycle

     At a certain stage of using the iPhone, you can wonder if you need to change the battery on your smartphone? And how to understand when you need to change the battery on the iPhone (8)? One of the indicators of the iPhone battery “life” is the number of charging cycles.

      Battery charge cycle is the indicator at which your smartphone was charged and then discharged. Therefore, under one cycle you should understand one charge and one battery discharge.

      When using the smartphone for a long time, the battery gradually loses its energy storage properties and becomes unusable. Usually, the iPhone battery life is 500 charging cycles. After overcoming the threshold of 500 cycles, the battery is already holding the charge worse and you need to think about changing either the battery or the iPhone. If you notice that your battery runs out quickly, contact Mr Fix. Our service center is always ready to help you.

How to find out the number of iPhone charging cycles?

      Standard verification methods are not available. But iBackupbot program will help you to find out how many charge cycles there have been. You can install it on MacOS and Windows. Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer. Without it, the program will not work.

      After the program installation, connect the iPhone to the computer and run iBackupbot. Go to the “More Information” section. A new window will open with detailed information. The first line in the “Battery” section is the “CycleCount” parameter – this is the number of charge cycles of your iPhone.

Key indicators from the battery section in iBackupbot

Cycle Count – the number of cycles (the battery charging / discharging);

Design Capacity – battery volume in mAh (initial battery capacity declared by the manufacturer);

Full Charge Capacity – the capacity of full charge (an indicator that shows what the battery capacity is when fully charged to date);

Battery Current Capacity – the current battery level.      If you had few cycles during the test, and the smartphone discharges quickly, you should contact Mr Fix for diagnostics and troubleshooting.