How much does it cost to repair an iPhone screen?

How long does it take to repair an iPhone screen

The cost to repair an iPhone screen with Mr. Fix varies from $49.99 and up to $419.99. But do not get scared since your case might be a minor problem for us and hence the price would be closer to the lower end. Our Team always scrupulously examines every iPhone screen before naming the cost and deciding on the scope of work required. Please note, that our consultation and estimation services are free of charge so you can always ask about the project cost.

Now pay attention to the following information. The cost of iPhone screen repair or replacement depends on:

  • iPhone model and make (iPhone SE Glass + LCD replacement service is significantly cheaper than repairs to the iPhone Xs Glass + LCD replacement)
  • Complexity of repairs needed (a minor crack may require some minor assistance as well as screen replacement as opposed to major cracks and impossibility to replace a screen)
  • Other issues involved

Since the last point usually causes a lot of questions, our Mr. Fix Team rushes to answer them all.

Whenever a repairman investigates the problem with your iPhone screen, they might spot problems with screen functionalities (some screen parts do not work), in such cases replacement of both screen and LCD is the only way to get the phone back to life. Besides that since most cracks appear on iPhone screens due to the falls, the sudden strong collision with the floor, as a rule, may also cause the start button to break, the cover to become scratched or broken, the inner parts of the phone to fall out. As a result, such complex iPhone repairs would require more time and materials needed to get the phone working as before.

When coming to any Mr. Fix cell phone and computer store you should always remember that we take no interest in offering your more repairs than required. Our experts will always outline the scope of problems before getting down to fixing them. You always have the last word in everything related to your device. So please do not hesitate to ask questions or request clarifications of your case to ensure that you completely understand what is happening and why a particular package of services is offered to you.