How much does it cost to repair a water damaged Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung A71

We always take care of our technique because it is not cheap. The worst situation for any device is hitting it in water. In this case, you can do nothing without diagnosing a malfunction, since water could damage any element, and therefore the phone must be disassembled and tested to identify a malfunction. Mr Fix has collected the list of the most popular problems after water entering the phone, the solutions of them, and the price of all services we can provide you. Read this article to get answers to your questions!

How to save your phone after drowning?

You need to diagnose your device before you know what needs to be fixed. Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair provides a free diagnostic that can define a problem and then fix it. Water can damage any important element, so we will tell you about all possible situations. Situations such as being caught in the rain or talking during a snowfall are not dangerous for the smartphone. You should beware of its complete drowning. Most often this happens on vacation or in the bathroom. It is worth noting that sea salt water is several times more dangerous for the Galaxy and its microcircuits, as it begins to corrode its paths. After such a bath, the device can quickly become unusable. When you try to charge a phone that has recently been submerged in water, you’ll see a notification on its screen: moisture detected. This was triggered by moisture sensors located in the charging socket. Then you need to disassemble the phone and let it dry for a few days. Moisture gets into the phone very quickly but it takes a very long time to dry. After the phone has dried, you should definitely return it for repair to prevent more dangerous damage. Don’t dry the phone on batteries or with a hairdryer, and don’t put your device on batteries. It will only make it worse for your phone. You should know the most dangerous situations that can happen with your device:

  • Spilling tea or coffee. Be careful when drinking something and keep your phone close at hand. It can be spilled easily;
  • Heavy heavy rain or hail. It can be compared to a water spill;
  • Going to the bathroom with the phone;
  • Temperature difference or condensed liquid (condensation).

How much does it cost to repair a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S7?

Samsung Galaxy is made with a high level of dust and moisture protection IP68. But it doesn’t protect you from water damage. Remember that after dropping the phone into water time ticks by minutes. The corrosion process has started. The ability to recover Samsung Galaxy S7 depends on how quickly you react. Hurry up and bring your phone to Mr Fix for diagnostics. We can replace the earpiece speaker, home button, provide LCD assembly, power supply, battery, etc. It depends on your needs and breakdown. Of course, the most popular situation after phone drowning is battery replacement. It will cost $70.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Power supply IC for your device will cost the same. The next service we can provide you is earpiece speaker replacement for Samsung Galaxy S7. The price is $50.00. Drop us a line to learn more about our service and work. Or even better – bring your gadget.

How much does it cost to repair a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S8?

When the user tries to connect a wet smartphone to the outlet, the battery doesn’t start charging and a warning appears about the need to dry the connector. 

This safety measure protects the machine from damage. But it doesn’t warn about the presence of water inside the phone, but only on the USB port. So you shouldn’t charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 when there is water in it. Try to use a wireless adapter to charge it. But if you think that there is water in the accumulator, you must stop changing to avoid problems with corrosion. We also have collected two popular ideas to dry your device and our opinion about them:

  1. Drying the Samsung Galaxy S8 in a bowl of rice is not a good option for your phone because it is protected from moisture. Yes, rice can absorb moisture, but it will not dry it out from the inside;
  1. Don’t use a hairdryer to absorb water. It can only make it worse because the moisture can leak inside the phone and start the process of corrosion.

Give us your phone for diagnosis and then fixing. The service of repairing the earpiece speaker will cost $50.00. Samsung S8 Glass + LCD repair cost $240.00. To know the list of our services, you need to open the “Repairs” and choose the model of your device.

How much does it cost to repair a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S9?

If you accidentally drop your smartphone into a shallow river or stream or get caught in the rain with it, you don’t have to worry, the gadget will not receive any damage. But don’t relax – after all, the IP rating doesn’t say anything about the chemical composition of the liquid that your smartphone will get into. Bleach from or ordinary saltwater is unlikely to please the Samsung Galaxy S9. Corrosive liquids are quite capable of destroying the important components and there will be no trace of the vaunted dust and moisture protection. Of course, the smartphone has IP68 protection, and manufacturers tell us that it can easily stay 30 minutes even at the bottom of the river. But you should be careful. Samsung S9 charging port repair costs $80.00. The most popular problem after liquid that has got inside is destroying the loudspeaker. We can repair it and its price is $75.00. More information you can find on the main page.

How much does it cost to repair a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung Galaxy S10 was made in 2019 and equipped with dynamic AMOLED with HDR10 + support. It is also waterproof as the last models. Manufacturers say that you can drop your phone to a depth of 1,5 meters and keep it there for 30 minutes. But there is a high probability of destroying the device. In terms of protection, this smartphone doesn’t differ from the last models. Replacement Battery For Samsung Galaxy S10 (Premium) will cost you $70.00. Repairing the front camera for this device costs $55.00. Learn more on the main menu.

How much does it cost to repair a water damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

This device is also equipped with a waterproof screen and has IP68-protection. Generally, it doesn’t differ from all other models of the Samsung Galaxy collection. It also can be damaged by any liquid. The list of all services we can provide you if you have broken the Galaxy Note 8 is situated on our site. 

The water entering your smartphone can cause serious damage. Bring your smartphone to us and our technicians will fix your phone quickly and efficiently, no matter what brand it is. Read more useful information about your device on Mr Fix!