How long does it take to replace iPhone battery?

How long does it take to replace iPhone battery

With each new device, Apple engineers are improving the power system of the phone, ensuring optimal battery consumption. But at the same time new communication format – LTE (Long-Term Evolution), a new camera and a new ultra-clear LCD consume a large amount of energy.

IPhone battery lasts on an average from 6 months to 2 years. IPhone battery life depends on how you take care of it. The battery has a good memory, but it still needs to be periodically reminded of its capacity. In other words, at least once a month, you should completely discharge your phone and fully charge it without interrupting the whole cycle. The average battery life is 500 cycles. If you charge your phone several times a day with short recharges, then only in one day the battery produces up to 3 cycles, which has not the best effect on battery life.

You need to replace the battery if:

  • the device turns off during a call when there is enough charge;
  • the battery discharges quickly;
  • iPhone works only when you connect the charging cable.

Replacing the battery on iPhone 8 takes not much time. It is enough just to remove the display with a special suction cup and perform several manipulations. It often happens that the problem is not in the phone battery, but in the power supply circuit of the motherboard. Our MR Fix iPhone repair specialists will check the motherboard for increased power consumption. If the consumption is within the acceptable values, the battery needs to be replaced. In that case, if the battery still discharges quickly enough, you will have to visit our service centre again to make a complete diagnosis of your iPhone.

Before replacing the battery, MR Fix iPhone repair specialist will diagnose your iPhone and the battery as well. It is extremely important to establish the fact that it is the battery that needs to be replaced. After all, sometimes the problem lies in a faulty motherboard or charging cable. All diagnostic work is free. Diagnosing and replacing the battery will not take you more than 30 minutes. We use only original batteries. Unoriginal power sources can lead to the failure of the gadget or even its ignition.

It is not recommended to repair the phone yourself; unprofessional replacement of iPhone 7 battery can lead to the failure of individual mechanisms and components responsible for the functionality of the device as a whole.