How do I charge my iPhone 11 Pro Max in the car?

The car is the most popular place to charge your iPhone after home, work, university, or just after a long trip. Many people use the iPhone as a navigator and at the end of the trip they find that their device is discharged, so they charge it on the road. However, the question of the safety of such charging is still open. Is it possible to charge an iPhone in a car? Which equipment should I use? There are many details that you should consider to avoid problems with the USB adapter and iPhone battery life. You also need to use the right adapter to not harm your phone. We collected the most important information about charging the iPhone 11 Pro Max like any other in the car, which can help you to make a good choice. 

Is charging in the car harms iPhone 11 Pro Max battery life?

Everyone who doesn’t know how to charge an iPhone in the car is thinking about buying an adapter. Apple hasn’t made an adapter for this, so we need to buy it separately. We always want to save our money and nerves. But what should we do in this case? Different adapters may affect differently on your device. Of course, your car or iPhone will most likely not light up when charging through a cigarette lighter, but if something is wrong with the phone’s battery such a strong voltage can be fatal for accumulator life and your life. So charging by a cigarette lighter may be dangerous. In all modern cars, we can find a USB-adapter. You just can put your typical charger without a power supply. But you should not use adapters with more than 18W power. The high voltage can badly affect your iPhone 11 Pro Max or your car. At the same time, it is best to avoid plugging into the charger while starting the engine. In this case, the voltage jumps the most and you will be worried about a destroyed battery. It also can affect your car. These small details are not always considered and lead to fatal consequences. All ways have advantages and disadvantages, but if you want to avoid possible negative consequences when charging an iPhone in a car, unplug your phone from the car when starting the engine and don’t use cheap chargers, especially if you plug them into a cigarette lighter, as we have already told you. One of the most popular chargers that are very comfortable is wireless chargers. You can make no point about safety and convenience! The best thing is that Apple has its wireless chargers. There are different types of them, for example, for 2 iPhone, for AppleWatch or AirPods. It is convenient to save all important items in one place. You don’t need to find them. Especially if you are always in motion!

Charging in the car may save you time when you hurry or just have forgotten about the percentage. Someone does it from the USB port of the radio, someone from an external battery, and someone from a special charger. All methods have their features, but the last one is the most correct. These rules should be considered to save the battery capacity for maximum and don’t harm your car. Be happy with your choice!