How completely reset iPhone?


The reset function is provided in many electronic devices, including smartphones. It allows you to restore the functionality of the software and get rid of errors. How to reset your iPhone if it requires a reboot? Despite the lack of a special button, we can restart the smartphone using other methods.

Why do you need to reset your iPhone?

Apple iPhone smartphones run on a complex operating system. The failures arising during its operation lead to disruption of the normal functionality of devices. Numerous errors occur in applications, and the work of individual modules is disrupted. In some cases, smartphones freeze up, completely losing functionality.

What can a reset do?

  • restart the iPhone operating system;
  • get rid of software errors and crashes in iOS;
  • normalize the execution of individual programs;
  • reset device cache;
  • restore the functionality of hardware modules.

How to reset iPhone 5s, 6s and any other version of iPhone if it does not have a reset button? Do not worry – there are other ways to restart your smartphone.

Regular iPhone reboot

Despite the lack of a “reset” button, you still can restart your iPhone. You can perform a regular reboot by turning off and then turning on the smartphone again. To do this, press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds – after that a red “off” button will appear on the screen, which you need to swipe to the right. After a few seconds, the smartphone will turn off.

A regular reboot using this method occurs in two stages: first, you turn off the smartphone, and then you turn it on. In order to turn on the smartphone, you must hold down the power button and keep it pressed until the Apple logo appears. After some time, the operating system will work normally. This method is one of the simplest, but it will not work if the power / lock button on the smartphone is broken.

Hard reset

We already know how to restart the iPhone, if its functionality is violated – you need to turn it off and on again. But what if after holding the power button nothing happens? How to restart the iPhone if it does not want to respond to user actions? Do not despair – we can take to a hard reset. It works in 99% of cases, allowing you to restart the iPhone operating system and restore its normal operation.

How to reset your iPhone if it freezes up and does not want to turn off? The answer is simple – you should hold down the power button and the “home” button, hold for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the device will go to reboot, and the display will show the Apple logo. Once the reboot is complete, you can see the desktop of your device. This is exactly what you need to do in cases when smartphones stop responding to standard user actions.

How to restart your iPhone without the lock button?

Regular and hard resets are performed by pressing buttons. How to restart your iPhone if the power button does not work? If a power / lock button or home button are out of order, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to work with the device. Nevertheless, you can still restart iPhone 6s with a broken lock button.

For this you need to:

  • Go to “Settings – General – Universal Access”;
  • Activate the function “Assistive Touch”;
  • Press the soft button that appears on the screen;
  • Select “Device”;
  • In the menu that opens, press and hold the “Lock Screen” item;
  • Swipe the “Turn off” button to the right (by analogy with a regular restart).

After that, the smartphone will turn off. To re-enable, connect the charger to it.

All these sufferings with a software reset without a button are not justified. The inability to use the smartphone normally is a big minus. Therefore, we recommend contacting your nearest service center for repair. Service specialists will replace the power / lock button and return it to a working condition. After that, you can normally use your smartphone and reboot it as needed.

Another way to reset your iPhone is to wait until the battery is completely discharged. At a certain stage, when the battery charge is not enough for normal operation of the device, the iPhone will turn off. This method is working, but we strongly recommend that you contact the service center and repair the broken button. Moreover, such repair is not so expensive.