How activate iPhone iCloud?

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iCloud is a cloud service that allows each IOS user to store an unlimited amount of personal data. In order to get full access to all the capabilities of the resource, you need to know what it is and how to create iCloud in your iPhone.

The main functions of iCloud on iPhone

The created Apple iCloud tool will, on your behalf, synchronize messages, address book, photos, settings, and other useful information that is stored in different devices. Whatever device you use, the latest versions of iPad applications, documents, iPhone contacts or notes will always be at hand.

The main task of iCloud is the creation of a common storage of information, where all of your devices would be able to store all the necessary information.

Suppose you took a picture on iPhone, and the photo is already going to be automatically synchronized and appears in another device of yours – for example, an iPad (iPad Pro). This happens with your other settings. One condition: your iPhone must be connected to the Internet.

What can be synchronized between the connected devices, using Apple iCloud? Settings on the iOS desktop, settings of the Smartphone and other devices, all saved messages, application data and games, favorite ringtones, music library or books, photos or videos, stored in different devices.

Synchronization services will help gamers who will be able to pause the game and then play it on another device or a new iPhone.

In order to determine which programs are synchronized with iCloud and which ones are better to disable, you need to go to “Settings”, find the “iCloud” function, in which choose the “Storage and backup copies” section, and then select the device itself. All programs for iPad and iPhone will appear by default and then you can select those that you do not need and deactivate them.

The cloud storage is well integrated with the IOS mobile platform and Macintosh computers. This allows your iPhone to achieve stable operation with a minimum percentage of errors. Synchronization of data between devices is instant (if there is a good Internet connection);

iPhone is equipped with a system to combat unwanted emails and spam. You can create virtual emails that are tied to an existing account. Unnecessary email messages will be sent to them.

Service advantages over similar programs

iCloud storage was created specifically for iOS 4 and improved along with it. Due to this, it is fully automated for iOS operation;

  • you can create iCloud on iPhone absolutely free;
  • there is no advertising and banner ads;
  • it is possible to authorize an individual email.

Thus, the use of iCloud can greatly simplify the life of smartphone users. It remains to figure out how to create a new iCloud on iPhone.

How to create iCloud on iPhone

Automatic backup of personal data begins after registering an email “@” or Apple ID.

The steps of registering the Apple ID for logging into the cloud storage:

1. Connect your phone to the Internet.

2. Go to the device settings menu.

3. Select the “Mail, addresses” section.

4. Mark that you want to add a new account.

5. Specify the iCloud storage from the proposed list.

6. Click “Create Apple ID”.

7. Mark that you want to receive a free email.

8. Come up with a new email address.

9. Create a complex password. This data will be used to access the storage on all Apple devices (iPhone 4S, 6, 7).

10. Put down three questions and answers to them to recover lost or forgotten data.

11. Specify additional data:

  • backup email address;
  • whether automatic updates are necessary;
  • read and accept user agreement.

This completes the iCloud registration process on your iPhone. To enable it, just go to the storage settings section and switch the slider to “Enabled” mode.