Can IPhone Battery Be Replaced?

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Often the reason for contacting Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair License Store is battery problems. If in most other smartphones the problem can be solved by buying and installing a new battery, then in the case of an iPhone, an ordinary user will not be able to replace it. After all, Apple products are mostly non-separable, and replacing the battery in the iPhone without the necessary tools and skills can only harm the device. In addition, only companies that specialize in Apple repair and are certified by the manufacturer can install original and high-quality spare parts that will ensure the smartphone’s long-term performance.

It should also be noted that not all performance problems are battery-related, and special equipment is needed to pinpoint the cause. In any case, bring your iPhone to us – we’ll figure it out.

What are iPhone battery problems?

Firstly, it is a decrease in the period of continuous operation of the device. Even a completely new phone, taking into account the constant use of its capabilities (calls, music, internet, camera), is designed, on average, for 10-12 hours of continuous work “under load”. 

Secondly, the spontaneous shutdown of the iPhone. For example, during a call, even if the battery is fully charged.

Thirdly, turning on only during charging and working only when the charger is connected.

If you observe any of these phenomena, or there are other signs of a faulty battery, it is better to contact the professionals at Mr Fix.

Common causes of iPhone battery problems

As the practice of the Mr Fix specialists shows, most often replacement of the iPhone battery is required for the following reasons:

1. Like any other element, the battery has its own “lifespan” and the number of charge-discharge cycles, so over time the battery will eventually have to be changed (or the phone).

2. Unstable mains voltage during charging, which reduces battery life.

3. Using non-original accessories – chargers or interface cables. Although it is not always possible to purchase an original accessory, it is better to refuse the cheapest imitations.

4. Constant use of the phone in severe frost or heat. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the temperature regime should be within the range from 0 to + 35C.

5. Damage to iPhone by impact or dropping (which does not apply to warranty repairs).

6. Software failure. This reason is extremely rare and is diagnosed only by professionals using special equipment.

The battery is replaced in our repair store according to Apple specifications using original parts. Come to us, and you can be sure that a high-quality battery will be installed on your iPhone, which will work out the declared resource without any problems.