9 Ways To Fix Your Tablet When It Is Not Charging

If your tablet isn’t charging, it doesn’t mean you should look to buy another one. Instead, you should try these 9 ways to fix the tablet if it isn’t charging. 

However, you should know two main causes that usually create problems in charging Android tablets. There could be an issue with the charger. Or the charging port could be at fault. 

So, when you’re checking the problem, make sure to put your tablet on Airplane Mode. Then, reduce the brightness level to save the remaining charging while you try to solve the problem.

But if things don’t work out well, here are a few steps before spending your money on the repair or contacting technicians.

  1. Check the Charge Ports of Your Tablet 

Sometimes the issue occurs with the tablet’s charging pin. So, check to see if it’s twisted or bent. Your charging cable must fit your tablet’s connector to ensure the charger pins are well connected to the ports. 

If you find a damaged or irregular-shaped port, you will need to fix it. It is also possible that you might need to replace the entire unit. 

  1. Make Sure You Have A Safe Battery Connection

Check your battery’s shape. Make sure it’s flat with no gaps between the pins. But if you find such an issue, remove the battery and see the connector’s connection, as they could be blocked due to debris. Or, a part of it could be bent or have corrosion. 

If you find these signs, use a soft cloth and wipe away the dust. If there’s corrosion, use an appropriate corrosion cleaner to fix the issue. Besides, reposition all the bent connectors with the help of small tweezers.

Once done, let the connection dry and insert the battery again before charging the device.

  1. Replace Your Charging Cable

Low-quality charging cables often prevent tablets from being charged. Therefore, using your tablets or smartphone’s original charging cables is always wise. If you have lost it, try to buy a high-quality charging cable to ensure your tablet’s adapter is safe from getting damaged. 

  1. Let Your Battery Revive

The battery appears to be dead and non-chargeable when they are used more than its capacity. So when you try to charge, it usually shows no progress. So, connect your tablet to the charger and leave it for a while. Possibly, the battery shows some charging signs after a few minutes or an hour. 

  1. Replace Your Charging Adapter

The adapter plays a key role when it comes to charging a tablet. To ensure your adapter is in good condition, check your tablet by connecting the same charging cable with another adapter. If you see the charging display, it means you have a faulty adapter. So, purchase a new good-quality adapter to make things right.

  1. Avoid Using Tablet During Charging

If your phone or tablet says it’s charging, but there’s no graphical indication, it means you have been using your device while charging it. Remember, this practice leads to destroying your battery’s life. So completely avoid charging the tablet while playing video games, watching movies, or doing any work on your tablet. 

  1. Restart Your Tablet

It is easy to restart your tablet by following these steps:

  • Long press the power button of your tablet
  • Choose “reboot” or “restart” from the options. 
  • To robotically reboot your tablet or smartphone, press your device’s power button for 15 seconds (maximum). 
  1. Replace Your Tablet’s Battery

If the above steps don’t work, you should replace your tablet’s battery. However, it is important to consult an experienced technician before buying and installing a new battery.

  1. When All Fails – Get Help from Certified Technicians

If all methods fail to provide a solution to fix your tablet’s battery, chances are that there’s a much bigger problem than you thought. And the only way to resolve this issue is by taking your device to a tablet repair shop.

There will be expert and certified technicians to fix the problem. Although it will cost you a bit, it will be cheaper than buying a new tablet or phone.