Mr Fix Store

Of all the iconic stories about the United States, none is more enduring than that of the “American Dream,” that we live in a land of endless opportunities where anyone can make it big through hard work and determination.

Another dream came true this September when Domingo purchased the Mr Fix Williamsburg shop, located at 6618 Mooretown Rd, unit B, Williamsburg, VA 23188

This honest and hardworking guy joined the team as a store manager and grew to the area manager and finally his own shop owner within a year. This is what we call “having the right person at the right time”.

“We already broke the old sales records by me running this place just for 2 months so far. The secret? My dedication, integrity, and wisely chosen Mr Fix’s location. I’m confident that I will bring this shop to $30k/month in gross and my plan is to open 2 more locations within the next 2 years.” – Domingo is saying

Mr Fix has very high standards, clear & simple procedures. That’s why our average customers’ feedback is at 4.9 and more and more people trust their devices to Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair brand.

On top of our current successful business model, we are always in search of great locations and hard-working talents. 

We have been blessed by being in this multi-billion growing field and got lucky by more and more talented and gifted people joining us every year.
We invite you to complete THIS FORM If you are interested in becoming your own boss and changing your life completely.

Will see you at the annual Mr Fix operators’ event!

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