ZTE Motherboard Swap

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The smartphone motherboard is the most expensive, complex part of the gadget. The performance of the smartphone depends directly on the smooth operation of this component. The electronic platform houses a processor, modem, power controller, mobile memory, earpiece, cameras, wireless modules. Therefore, before replacing (repairing) the ZTE phone motherboard, it is necessary to accurately diagnose the location of the breakdown and its nature.

System board failure due to a fall from high altitude is the first cause of a malfunction. Water falling under the housing, operating in adverse conditions, mechanical effects on a mobile device, factory defects, malfunctions of the cooling system, wear after a long time of use also cause disturbances in its operation. As a result, passive and active elements on the board, microcircuits on it, or tracks can be damaged, the connector for a flat cable may not work.

Replacement (repair) of the motherboard of the ZTE phone should be performed on professional equipment after diagnosis. It will be possible to repair it if the inner layers are not damaged. A replacement will be required in all other cases. This process is laborious, complex, requires special skills and work experience. The quality of Mr. Fix service centers is able to evaluate the quality of internal/external contact connections, power supply to the motherboard, disassemble defective units, reinstall new parts. Details for the repair are in stock and a warranty is given for the work performed.

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