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ZTE charging port replacing

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A customer came to us with the problem that his ZTE phone is not charging properly. He puts a phone to charge for a night, and in the morning the phone is almost dead. He assumed that this is a battery issue and came to replace it. However, within a couple of minutes, our Mr. Fix technician concluded that it was the charging port that needed replacement rather than the battery.

Most often ZTE repair charging port replacement is needed when the metallic surfaces inside of the charging port get loose and so are not making good contact. As a rule, it happens due to the frequent plugging and unplugging of the charging cable. The procedure of charging port replacement does not take much time. Our experts can help you resolve the issue in only half an hour while you are waiting in our comfortable waiting room.

In this case, the replacement took us only 15 minutes to complete. We installed an original ZTE charging port to guarantee the best compatibility with the phone’s systems. As a result, a happy smile and a fixed phone in a quarter of an hour!

Never rush into replacing the battery or changing your phone due to the loose charging port. A simple and affordable charging port replacement can save you budget and give your phone a second life.

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