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Will a new battery speed up my iPhone

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IPhone users who contacted Mr Fix to replace the battery say that the work of the iPhone has really changed. iPhone models after battery replacement start to work much faster.

      Apple admitted that it deliberately slows down iPhones with worn out batteries

      After Apple recognized the deliberate deceleration of its devices, numerous lawsuits fell on the company with claims for compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

     With the release of iOS 11.3 firmware, an item appeared in the iPhone XS settings that deactivates intentional slowdown. However, this can only exacerbate the problem of a worn-out battery: the device will work on a battery much less or even turn off at 20-40% charge.

      To avoid such problems, you just need to replace the battery!

      Many have already taken advantage of our services and corrected the performance of their phones, returning to them former agility and ease in interaction with the interface. The device much quicker copes with the latest innovations of iOS and resource-intensive applications.

      How do iPhones behave after replacing the battery?

  • The charge consumption is smooth, without surprises and sharp “jumps” in percents.
  • There are no more situations when with 40% the phone in front of your eyes goes to 0% when you go out in the cold.
  • The functionality of all basic services is restored.
  • Applications open immediately after clicking.
  • The keyboard stops freezing up when you use Outlook or Skype.
  • Interactions with the camera now allow you to take pictures with almost instant post-processing.

      Reasons why you should not try to replace the battery yourself:

  • firstly, to replace this spare part, it is necessary to completely disassemble the entire device;
  • secondly, only specialized centers provide original spare parts and give a warranty for the subsequent operation of the iPhone.

     Our Mr Fix specialists will quickly change the battery on your iPhone XS. The procedure will not take much time. Contact us, and we will help you.