Why is my iPhone battery draining fast?

why is my iphone battery draining fast

     Why does my iPhone discharge quickly? This question often arises among owners of Apple smartphones. If before the occurrence of such a problem, the mobile device was operated for two years or longer, it means that the battery has already worn out and, possibly, needs to be replaced. And what to do if the battery of your iPhone that has been working for just a month, discharges rapidly? Mr Fix will help you to solve the problem. Our team will replace iPhone (7) battery qualitatively and reasonably priced. This article describes the causes of the problem and gives detailed recommendations on how to optimize the performance of your mobile device.

Why does the iPhone battery run out quickly?

If iPhone discharges quickly, then the reasons for this may be the following:

  • Failure of the power controller. This happens if abrupt voltage drops occur while charging the phone. Such situations often occur when the smartphone is powered by electricity on the road or using mobile devices. Also, the cause of failure may be the use of a higher power charger.
  • Damage to the battery. The reason for this may be a mechanical effect, for example, a blow or a fall, power surge or moisture ingress into the iPhone.
  • Use of “non-native” charger. When using other low-quality analogs, the battery will keep the charge less and less each time, and after a while it will fail.
  • Violation of operating rules. Sudden changes in ambient temperature can lead to rapid discharge of the battery. If the iPhone, which is currently in active mode, is moved from a frost to a place with room temperature, its battery can fail completely.
  • Incorrect smartphone settings. This is the most common reason for the rapid discharge of the iPhone.

  So, if the iPhone discharges quickly, to solve this problem, you need to properly configure the smartphone.

  • Disable geolocation.  In order to see the list of applications that determine your location, you need to follow the route: “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Geolocation Services”. The number of these programs will be considerable. Because of the GPS, iPhone discharges quickly. Another disadvantage of the geolocation abuse is the threat to your privacy. To reduce battery consumption, you can safely exclude almost all applications from geolocation services, leaving only the really necessary and useful, for example, Maps.
  • Get rid of push notifications. Push notifications are signals and windows that appear on your iPhone screen when an application installed on a mobile device wants to attract your attention. Unnecessary messages of this nature are not only distracting, but also because of them the battery discharges quickly.
  • Turn off a photo stream. A photo stream is a component of an iCloud application. It automatically downloads new images to the cloud storage when the mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi. If the iPhone discharges quickly, you need to pay attention to this feature and turn it off.

      If all of the above steps are completed, but your iPhone discharges quickly, as before, it means that you should contact Mr Fix service center. We can simply reflash the device. Sometimes this is enough. If not, it means that the “insides” of the smartphone are damaged, and the problem can be not only in the battery. In this case, a qualified Mr Fix specialist will help you.