Why Does My iPhone Keep Dimming? Know The Truth

why does my iphone keep dimming

So you don’t know why your iPhone display keeps on getting dimmer. Even when you keep your brightness full, the screen continuously dims again. If that’s the problem, this article will help you learn why your iPhone screen keeps dimming and how to solve this issue.

Why Your iPhone Keeps Getting Dim

Most of the time, it happens because you have turned on the “Auto-Brightness” feature. This feature automatically adjusts your iPhone screen’s brightness depending on your surrounding lights. 

At night the Auto-Brightness feature will automatically make your screen darker to comfort your eyes. Likewise, this feature will usually brighten your display to the fullest if you’re at the beach on a sunny day to help you see things on your screen. 

To fix this problem, you need to turn off your Auto-Brightness feature. To do that, go to your Settings, and tap on the “Accessibility” option. Then, enter the “Display & Text Size” menu and turn off the switch right next to the “Auto-Brightness” option. 

Note: Turning off the Auto-Brightness option will affect your phone’s battery life. 

Is Your Night Shift Mode Turned On?

Another reason your iPhone keeps showing you a dim screen is that you have turned on the “Night Shift” feature. This feature turns your iPhone screen warmer so you can easily fall asleep after using your phone at night. 

To fix this issue, enter the “Settings” menu followed by “Display & Brightness” and tap the “Night Shift” feature. If the switch is headed towards the “Manually Enabled Until Tomorrow” option, it means the Night Shift mode is turned on. Therefore, tap the switch to turn off this mode. 

If your iPhone runs on iOS 11, you can also turn on/off the Night Shift feature from the “Control Center.” 

Have You Turned On Your True Tone Feature?

True Tone adjusts your iPhone brightness after automatically adapting your phone’s display color due to surrounding lighting conditions. It might be possible that your iPhone display appears dim because of any color adaptation. 

To deal with this issue, enter “Settings,” choose “Display & Brightness,” and ensure the True Tone switch is turned off. 

Keep on reading if the problem still exists.

Turn Off Your iPhone’s Low Power Mode

The Lower Power Mode twitches several iPhone settings to save your battery life. However, it also reduces your iPhone screen brightness. So, go to “Settings,” select “Battery,” and turn off the Low Power Mode switch. 

Turn Off Your iPhone’s Reduce White Point Feature

The Reduce White Point feature decreases the brightness of your iPhone’s display. If the feature is turned on, it makes your iPhone screen dimmer. 

A quick hack to fix this issue is to go to your iPhone’s “Settings,” enter the “Accessibility” option and then tap the “Display & Text Size” option. Now, scroll down until you see the “Reduce White Point” and turn off the switch if it’s already turned on. 

Keep Your Always On Display Off

If you’re carrying iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, there’s a new feature in these models called “Always On Display” This feature dims the lock screen while displaying important information, such as widgets and time. 

Remember, the Always On Display feature is the darker version of the iPhone’s Lock Screen feature that stays active all the time. When this option is turned on, it dims your iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. 

You can turn off the Always On Display feature by going to your iPhone’s “Display & Brightness” option from the main “Settings” menu. Now, scroll down to the “Always On” switch and turn it off.

Is Your iPhone Still Dimming?

If you have tried the above ways, chances are that you have already fixed the dimming problem. Contrarily, it is possible that your phone still keeps getting dim. This could be a hardware or software problem that is dimming your iPhone. So you can try the following ways to fix the problem.

  • By restarting your iPhone
  • Updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version
  • DFU iPhone restore
  • Contacting an experienced repair shop

Note: iPhone also has a safety precaution where it automatically dims the screen display in case it’s too hot.