Why Do iPhone Batteries Die In the Cold?

cold iphone

Winter is a great season but not for our iPhones. When the temperature drops below zero, they begin to turn off. Why does it happen and what to do about it?

      What happens with the iPhone in the cold?

      Frosty air and iPhone are poorly compatible. The latter begins to quickly discharge, slow down or suddenly turn off. According to Apple, the optimum temperature for normal iPhone operation is from 0° C to + 35 °C. You can store it off at temperatures from – 20 to + 45 °C.

      An iPhone begins to behave strangely at temperatures close to zero. The screen does not respond well to clicks; the smartphone loses its network; reboots on its own or completely turns off. What’s up with that?

      This is due to lithium-ion batteries. When the weather is cold, the battery ions lose their properties, as a result, the internal resistance increases and the battery loses its capacity. It is a temporary phenomenon but because of this, your iPhone may turn off, even with more than half the charge.

      How to deal with it

      1. Charge your iPhone to 100% before going outdoors

     It is a simple but effective piece of advice. The more you charge the iPhone X battery before going outside, the longer it will last. It is better to fully charge it before going out in the cold.

      2. Carry your smartphone in a case

      You can have no desire to hide such a stylish thing as an iPhone in a case. However, in winter, it will not only save the smartphone from meeting with asphalt but also will not allow it to quickly freeze.

      3. Use headphones

      Use headphones with a headset to communicate in the winter in order not to take your smartphone out of a warm pocket.

      4. Run heavy games

      To warm up a processor and prevent a battery from cooling, start some heavy application or game before going out outside.

      5. Do not use iPhone in winter as a navigator

      The iPhone is not very willing to work in a cold car after night, so it is undesirable to use it as a navigator in winter, otherwise, it will turn off on the way to your work. Also, at this time of the year, do not leave your iPhone in the car, even not for long.

      6. Hold your iPhone closer to your body

      It is better to carry an iPhone in an internal pocket, closer to your body. If the smartphone is in the side pocket of a jacket or jeans, it is more likely that it will freeze and turn off.      If your iPhone discharges quickly, you can contact Mr. Fix where qualified specialists will certainly help you.