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Why Are Your iPhone Applications Stuck? Here’s the Solution

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So can’t update your iPhone apps because they are stuck? Relax! This article shows you authentic fixes through iPhone and iTunes so you can easily update apps like normal.

  1. Is Your iPhone Connected to the Internet?

When you choose an individual or multiple mobile apps, it usually takes a few seconds or minutes to begin the update. However, if there’s no activity for more than 15 minutes and you’re still waiting, you should consider investigating your internet connection.

Ensure your iPhone is connected to the internet to update your apps. Therefore, you need Wi-Fi, or a cellular network turned on in your iPhone. Also, the connection should be stable.

Start by ensuring your iPhone isn’t in Airplane mode by checking the feature in “Settings.” Ensure the Airplane mode switch is turned off (it should be white). If it’s already turned on, tap the switch to turn it off, so your phone gets automatically connected to Wi-Fi. 

Reconnect your iPhone to the internet and then check the apps again. The update should begin, and you can see the progress indicator in the “Updates” section of the “App Store.” In case it doesn’t work, try other fixes explained in this article. 

  1. Sign In and Sign Out Your Apple ID

Sometimes it’s your Apple ID that disallows apps from getting updated. Why? It is because all the apps in your iPhone are linked to your particular Apple ID. So, if there’s a problem with the ID, your apps get stuck on updates. 

To fix this problem, simply log out and log in. Go to the “Settings” option and tap on your name. Scroll down at the end of the screen and tap on the “Sign Out” option. Then, write your Apple ID’s password and tap the “Turn Off” button. 

In case the problem exists, visit the official Apple site and log in from there. If the problem still remains, it will pop up on the same page. 

  1. Delete Apps and Reinstall Again

It could be possible that your app is having some issues while updating. To fix this problem, you can delete and reinstall the app that is stuck on the update.

How to Delete?

Spot your app icon and press and hold it until you see the dropdown menu. Choose the “Remove App” option and tap on the “Delete App.” Contrarily, you can also delete the app from your Settings menu. Go to “General,” choose “iPhone Storage,” tap on the specific app that you want to remove, and then click the “Delete App” option.

  1. Your iPhone has Fewer Storage Capacity

Go to your iPhone’s “Settings,” choose “General,” and tap on the “iPhone Storage” option to see your current storage capacity. Check out which app is taking most of the memory.

To clear up some space, follow these instructions:

  • Delete your unused apps
  • Keep your videos and photos in iCloud
  • Remove long text messages
  • Delete files in your apps, like audiobooks

Once you have done it, check your apps, which are waiting to be updated, and reinstall them.

  1. Check the System Status Page of Apple

If everything is fine from your end, but your apps are still stuck on the update, it could be an issue with the official App Store. Therefore, keep checking the System Status and ensure a green dot is visible next to the App Store. If the dots are not green, it means there’s an internal problem with Apple still that’s stopping your apps from the update. 

  1. Fix Software Issues

Sometimes, iPhone software doesn’t work properly. To fix this problem, restart your device.

Restart iPhone

Hold your phone’s power button for some seconds until the slider appears. Then slide it to turn it off. Then after 10 seconds, press your iPhone’s power button once again to restart your device. If you own an iPhone and have your Face ID system activated, push and sustain on the side button and volume button. Then, swipe the power button to the extreme right. Press the side button after 60 seconds to reboot your device.

Reset Settings

If the above method isn’t helpful, try to reset your phone’s settings. This will eventually put your settings back to the original. To do that, enter “Settings,” go to “General,” tap “Transfer Or Reset,” then “Reset,” and select “Reset All Settings.”

  1. Back-Up 

If none of the above steps is helpful, back up your data and restore your device. While there are many ways to do it, we at Mr Fix suggest the DFU restore method.

No More Stuck Apps on iPhone

There are many ways to fix your stuck app issues on the update. You can try all the methods mentioned in this article. Also, don’t forget to tell us which way worked for you to make your device unstuck.