Who repairs iPhone screens?

iPhone 6s screen repair

There are two basic possibilities iPhone owners can turn to for repairs: official iPhone service and private cell phone repairs like Mr Fix. Of course, for those who purchased AppleCare+ the first though would be going to the official service since you have already paid for it. This is actually the right thing to do, yet there is a trick with AppleCare+ “insurance”: it does not cover any physical damage to your phone. So if you have dropped your phone, it felt into the water, or your keys accidentally scratched the screed – the Apple officials will not cover repair expenses. And this is the whole pain of getting AppleCare+. Of course, you might try to trick experienced technicians saying that “it did the damage itself,” but don’t get your hopes high.

Mr Fix cell phone repair experts have seen many customers disappointed in the official Apple Care, so our advice is not to waste your valuable time if you have broken your screen physically and getting to a private service right away. In this way, you can be sure that your screen will be repaired; you will not have to wait in the long lines to get that (possibly) free service; you will get a warranty for the replaced screen after the service is complete.

Moreover, whenever you go to companies like Mr Fix, technicians will not only check your screen but also pay attention to the case of the issue and hence double-check any systems that might have been damaged as well. We cannot guarantee that every service does it, but we do! So if you got your screen damaged in any way (cracks, lack of responsivity, scratches, etc.), do not hesitate to get in one of our stores for diagnostic treatment and possible screen replacement that would last for less than an hour