When should I replace the battery in my iPhone?

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After two years of operating the iPhone, most users encounter a problem of fast battery drain, which is absolutely natural: over time, the battery capacity decreases. The solution is to replace the battery in Mr Fix.

      What are the signs that you need to replace the battery?

      There are certain visual signs by which you can understand that the battery of your Apple iPhone needs an urgent replacement.

      Since one of the features of this branded device is a non-separable case, it will be more difficult to determine the “bloating” of the battery than for models with removable covers. Nevertheless, you can see the problem.

  • iPhone with a plastic case – the worse the condition of the battery, the more visible the deformation of the case.
  •  The display of the smartphone is backlash.
  • Touching the display is accompanied by creaking.
  • When tapping the screen, you can see stains.

      When there are even slight, barely noticeable deformations (of body or screen), you should immediately contact the service center and take the iPhone for diagnosis. Of course, such changes can occur because of device falling or a strong blow to it. But, if the cause of them is a damaged battery, over time it will lead to more serious consequences and more expensive repairs.

      What functional signs indicate the need to replace the battery?

      There are several such signs:

  • If the iPhone refuses to turn on game applications, its charging instantly “goes away” by one to two percent (turn on the percentage display of the device’s charge level in the statistics settings).
  • iPhone turns off spontaneously if it has 20-30-40% of charge.

     It is worth noting that the fast discharge of the gadget even when the flight mode is on and its strong heating indicates not the battery dysfunction, but a breakdown of the device itself.      You can replace the iPhone 8 battery in our Mr Fix service center. Our highly skilled specialists will do it quickly and with a warranty of quality. In our work we use exclusively branded materials and spare parts.