What to do if your cell phone is in water?

iPhone 6s water damage repair

Thanks to Sony’s trend toward protected smartphones, almost all modern flagship smartphones are protected against water damage. But what if you don’t have a flagship phone and it was still doused in water? Is there anything you can do to save your phone if it sustained a water damage?

One solution is to contact us, Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair, and our professional technicians will repair all the water damage. We’ll remove all the water from the phone and test it to find out if it works fine.

But don’t hurry. If you follow our tips on how to save the device after water damage, you may not need to contact us or other third-party service.

We must still warn you that even if you take the steps listed below, your phone may not survive after a bath, especially after a long bath. Even the best modern smartphones are only protected from fresh water. But if your phone drowned in salty or chlorinated water, the rubber seals will be corroded and let the water into the device.

Here’s what you can do to save your phone after water damage:

  • Get you phone out of water. Do not try to test how the device works (don’t try to listen to music or charge your phone).
  • Remove the protective case to let the device dry out.
  • Turn off the device immediately.
  • Wipe out your phone using an absorbent cloth or paper. Do not press on the screen if there’s water under the front glass.
  • Take out the SIM tray.
  • Disassemble the phone if possible. Use a Pentalobe screwdriver to undo the screws on the bottom of the device, and pull out the battery.
  • Leave the device turned off and disassembled in a warm place for at least two days.
  • Turn on the phone after two days passed and back up important data immediately.
  • Test the device: try to listen to music, connect to WiFi, charge the device, and make a phone call.

By following all the recommendations, you give your phone a chance to survive.

Sometimes your phone will only work fine for a couple of days after it dried out. If the phone stops working after some time, then there’s a seriously damaged component inside the phone. In this case, you can only ask a professional service to replace the broken part and clean up the device.

Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair is one such service. We can easily fix your smartphone after water damage!