What to do before getting iPhone screen repaired?

what to do before getting iPhone screen repaired

One of the most common questions Mr Fix cell phone repair experts here is “what to do before getting iPhone screen repaired” and “should I erase my iPhone before screen repair.” Well, there is definitely no need to erase any information from your phone regardless of the service you are getting. But we insistently advise you to save your data in the iCloud or your computer so that you have access to it even if it gets erased in the process of repairs.

Screen repairs, in most cases, involve the replacement of the screen and hence will not have any impact on the memory and inner parts of your phone. Even if you need to replace a screen with the LCD part, the repairmen would still not get into the memory of your phone, so basically, you should be safe. However, Mr Fix experts still advise completing a data back up before you hand over your phone to us. And here are the reasons why.

Problem score with screen repairs may vary. Some would need just a screen replacement service, while others might face more complex and hence intrusive service due to the severity of the inner damage made to the phony by the fall. For example, after iPhones fall, there might appear buttons problems, GPS and WiFi connection difficulties as well as non-charging of the device. In such cases, our technicians might need to go deeper into the phone and to keep you on the safe side, they will always advise to back up the data.

Do not worry if you did not do it. We will always ask this question before accepting the phone for the service and hence remind you to do so. Should you not be aware of how to back up your data at the iCloud storage, you can also ask our in-store staff for assistance.

Besides data backup, our experts also appreciate the most extensive explanation of the screen problem you experience. So if possible, observe your problem and make notes (such as “only left top corner is not responsive,” “the screen is cracked because the phone fell from the table on the concrete floor,” etc.) Details that might seem minor to you might actually become crucial for experts to identify and fix all screen problem you are having.