What are the best places where I can get my phone fixed?

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Breaking your phone doesn’t mean you have to spend several hundred dollars on a new phone. In most cases, a cracked phone can be fixed by a professional repair service. Your only task is to find the best place where your device can be repaired.

We can name at least three places where your phone can be fixed:

We’re going to discuss all three options to help you decide what would be the best place to repair your phone.

Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair

What does our service offer? Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair provides a few benefits as compared to the official repair services provided by manufacturer. Here are some of the benefits:

  • We’ll fix your phone more rapidly than the official service.

Most people prefer to use the official repair services, which are quite crowded. You’ll not only have to wait in line before you can hand your device to a technician in a Samsung or Apple repair service, for example, but you’ll have to wait for a day or two before you get back your fixed phone. With us, it usually takes less than an hour to fix your phone.

  • We offer a lower repair cost than the manufacturer.

It’s true that you can spend less money for a repair if you paid for an extended warranty period. But often manufacturers restrict the number of low-cost repairs, which means you can’t always benefit from extended warranty. However, with Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair, you’ll spend less money than with an official service.

The quality of our service is still high, as we issue a warranty for at least 90 days, and we use only the original parts to make sure that the device will work normally after a repair.

Official Repair Service

Most modern manufacturers provide official repair services. Unfortunately, an official warranty doesn’t cover any physical damage, and you’ll still have to pay for a repair. Depending on the manufacturer policy, you may spend a relatively small amount of money to replace, for example, a cracked screen. But the manufacturer usually restricts the number of repairs that you can get for low cost.

The other issue with repairing your phone at an official repair center is the time. More often than not, it takes a few days rather than an hour or less to fix your device. If you don’t have that much time to wait, then using the official repair center doesn’t seem to be a great option.

Small shop in your neighborhood

For those who want to spend the least money on a repair, using the repair service in a local shop can be a good option. But sometimes such services can’t guarantee the highest quality of repair, and they may even use non-original spare parts to fix your phone. In all, if you agree to a risk, you may consider such an option.

Now it must be easier for you to decide where you should get your phone fixed.