Top places where to get fixed the cracked screen on your iPhone

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With a cracked screen your iPhone doesn’t look good. Not only the touch screen may not work normally if the glass and screen were shattered, but the little shards of glass may stab you during phone calls. What are the top places where you can get the cracked iPhone 7 screen fixed on your iPhone?

You can choose from three places to fix the cracked screen on your iPhone. First, you can use the official AppleCare service. Second, you can ask a professional third party service like Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair to replace the screen. Lastly, you may go to some local shop with your beaten iPhone.

Let’s review all these options: we’ll consider the pricing, the quality of repair parts, and the time it may take to fix your device.

Repair the screen with AppleCare+

AppleCare+ is the official Apple service that can fix anything on your device. Before you decide to pay for AppleCare+, consider the following advantages and disadvantages of using this service.

Because the warranty doesn’t apply if your iPhone screen was broken, you’ll have to pay some money. The first two screen repairs with AppleCare+ will cost you a relatively small amount of money, which is great. The third repair, however, will cost you between $129 and whopping $279 depending on your iPhone model. And even the lower price is still quite high for an iPhone screen repair.

Here’s another disadvantages of using AppleCare+. On your weekend you won’t want to spend time standing in line at a crowded Apple store. And it’ll take several hours to days before you get back your iPhone with a new screen.

If you want to spend your time and money more wisely, have a look at another iPhone repair service.

Repair the screen with Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair

Not every iPhone owner wants to pay for AppleCare+. If you aren’t using the official Apple service, you can still find a professional service to fix your device.

Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair is one such service. Our technicians use only the original parts approved by Apple to replace the cracked screen on your iPhone . And, unlike AppleCare+ with only two low-cost repairs, you’ll pay the same amount of money for screen replacement for any number of repairs. Lastly, it takes typically half an hour to replace the screen on your iPhone at Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair.

Repair the screen with a local shop

You may consider this last option too. A local shop will typically charge you a very small amount of money for iPhone screen replacement (iPhone 8). Still, we don’t recommend such an option even if it’s very cheap.

A dishonest technician may replace the screen with a replica, not an original part approved by Apple. Even worse, if the technician lacks experience, he or she may not return your iPhone in one piece. Eventually, you may need to replace the screen again because it got sensitivity issues or any other problem.

Although what we said is true for few local shops, it’s still risky to hand your expensive device to a non-professional or untrustworthy technician. To increase your chances of getting back a properly fixed iPhone, you should at least verify if the local shop issues a warranty for 90 days or more after repair. (Our service, for one, does provide such warranty.)

We’ve mentioned three places where you can fix your iPhone screen. To replace the screen fast and easy, select your iPhone model and ask to replace the screen.