The Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a whopping 64MP camera

Newer phones almost always have better cameras – and we saw this with an impressive array of three cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S10 – but Samsung could be preparing another big change in the future Galaxy S11.

In a message in its news department, Samsung (repair) announced that it had created two new camera sensors designed for smartphones – one 48 megapixels and another with a huge resolution of 64 megapixels.

Currently, the maximum resolution camera you can find in a smartphone has 48 megapixels, and seen in phones such as Honor View 20 or Xiaomi Mi 9, although this figure is superior to traditional cameras.

Sure, just because Samsung has released this sensor, it does not mean that we will find it in the next Samsung smartphone. In fact, this would be a big step for the brand.

But with competition from Huawei, which is watching a huge jump in the pixel density of the camera, and all smartphone makers using multiple sensors on the back of their phones, it is much more likely that Samsung can prepare a 64 megapixel sensor for its next flagship S-series phone.

One may wonder if the 64 megapixel sensor can appear in Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, we expect to see it in the nearest future, so it is unlikely that the company will announce the new sensor so close to launch. So it makes more sense if we see 64 megapixel sensor in The Samsung Galaxy S11 (they plan to release it in February 2020).