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The iPhone is charging, but is not switching on.

My iPhone charges just fine however, it is not switching on. This is a predicament faced by many iPhone users across the world. Let’s dive into some of the reasons why and how to resolve the problem. 

An iPhone Force Reset is Necessary

It’s possible that your iPhone is only momentarily frozen and needs to be manually reset or “force restarted.” To restart your iPhone by force, follow the relevant procedures. If this’ the case, it should start-up just fine afterwards. 

A Dead Battery

Even when plugged into a power source, your iPhone might not switch on immediately if the battery is entirely discharged. Try turning on your iPhone once more after plugging it into a charger and letting it charge for 30 minutes.

A Contaminated Charging Port or Cord

After 30 minutes of being plugged in, if the iPhone still won’t switch on, inspect the charging port and cord to ensure they are clean. The battery may be unable to charge if the charging port is blocked by debris or the contacts on the charging wire are soiled. Try a new charging cable after thoroughly cleaning the port with a toothpick and some isopropyl alcohol, letting it dry. Try wireless charging as an alternative for your iPhone.

A Defective Battery or Charging Port

The iPhone may have a dead battery or a defective charging connector if it still won’t switch on. Check if the phone turns on after replacing the battery with only a partially charged one. If not, there can be a problem with the logic board or power button. Plug the phone in and check whether the charging indicator turns on. Suppose the phone does turn on. If the phone indicates charging, the Lightning connector is functional, and the battery is probably defective. But if it is still not set, the Lightning connector might need to be changed.

A Defective Power Button

Connect the iPhone to a working power supply. Check if it turns on automatically if the power button doesn’t appear to be working. If the phone powers up and turns on, there may be an issue with the power button cable or the power button itself. If necessary, test the power button and replace it.

A Poor Display

Nothing may seem to be occurring due to a poor display. You can quickly verify this by turning on the phone and listening for a sound. Additionally, you can test to check if the mute toggle switch vibrates by moving it back and forth. The screen is most likely the issue if it vibrates or makes a sound but doesn’t show anything on the net. If it isn’t working, try replacing it and checking the display.

A Defective Logic Board

If none of the solutions described above is successful, try the following: it may be necessary to replace your logic board since it is defective. Either replace the panel entirely or try to diagnose and resolve it using micro-soldering methods. That is a completely different beast!


If your iPhone charges but doesn’t turn on, don’t panic. Always use genuine Apple accessories and be careful with advanced troubleshooting. If problems persist, contact Apple Support or a certified technician for expert assistance.